26 Fresh Responsive WordPress Themes

26 Fresh Responsive WordPress Themes
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As a developer, I love WordPress, because not only I’m using,  the most fantastic thing about WordPress is its very simple and intuitive it is to use as a blog or website administrator. And in this modern era,  A responsive WordPress themes is a theme which give great experience to mobile and tablets users. So today I gathered fresh responsive WordPress themes, I looked at over hundreds of  wordpress themes today so I thought that, i would share some premium responsive web design with you, which are best to use your next WordPress website.

As we know recently responsive WordPress themes have been all over the net. There is no doubt that responsive web design is the new  trend and so it is to use responsive CSS frameworks to implement the responsive layouts.

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Free Responsive WordPress Themes

The most cool think about responsive web design is that allows your website content to be displayed correctly to all users by adjusting the layout to accommodate screens of different sizes. Responsive themes is that they allow you to maintain one theme and provide one consistent look and feel no matter how visitors access your website.

1. Portal WordPress Theme

Portal Responsive WordPress Theme - 1

Demo Download

2. Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme - 2

Demo Download

3. DailyPost PRO WordPress Theme

DailyPost Responsive WordPress Theme - 3

Demo Download

4. iTheme2 WordPress Theme

iTheme2 Responsive WordPress Theme - 4

Demo Download

5. Great Responsive WordPress Theme

Great Responsive WordPress Theme - 5

Demo Download

6. Catch Box WordPress Theme

Catch Box Responsive WordPress Theme - 6

Demo Download

7. Designfolio WordPress Theme

Designfolio Responsive WordPress Theme - 7

Demo Download

8. Sampression Lite Responsive WP Theme

 Sampression Lite Responsive WordPress Theme - 8

Demo Download

9. Respo

Respo Responsive WordPress Theme - 9

Demo Download

10. Ari WordPress Theme

Ari Responsive WordPress Theme - 10

Demo Download

11. DIARY Pixel-Perfect WordPress Theme

DIARY Pixel-Perfect Responsive WordPress Theme - 11

Demo Download

12. Yasmin WordPress Theme

Yasmin Responsive WordPress Theme - 12

Demo Download

13. TumblePress

TumblePress Responsive WordPress Theme - 13

Demo Download

14. Gridly WordPress Theme

Gridly Responsive WordPress Theme - 14

Demo Download

15. Simple Grid WordPress Theme

Simple Grid Responsive WordPress Theme - 15

Demo Download

16. Unique WordPress Theme

Unique Responsive WordPress Theme - 16

Demo Download

17. Photum Photography WordPress Theme

Photum Photography Responsive WordPress Theme - 17

Demo Download

18. Grid Theme Responsive

Grid Theme Responsive WordPress Theme - 18

Demo Download

19. Blog Grid WordPress Theme

Blog Grid Responsive WordPress Theme - 19

Demo Download

20. Widely/Portfolio WordPress Theme

Widely Responsive WordPress Theme - 20

Demo Download

21. Bloggie WordPress Theme

Bloggie Responsive WordPress Theme - 21

Demo Download

22. Simple Photo WordPress Theme

Simple Photo Responsive WordPress Theme - 22

Demo Download

23. Lexiity Responsive Under Construction WordPress Theme

Lexiity Responsive Under Construction WordPress Theme - 23

Demo Download

24. Leon WordPress Theme

Leon Responsive WordPress Theme - 24

Demo Download

25. Buttercream WordPress Theme

Buttercream Responsive WordPress Theme - 25

Demo Download

26. Touch-optimized free responsive portfolio WordPress theme

Touch-optimized free responsive portfolio WordPress theme - 26

Demo Download

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any Jun 11, 2013

nice collection

Vesa Ivanovic Mar 8, 2014

Amazing templates…thanks for shere…gj

Rilwis Apr 29, 2014

You have shared such a nice post describing most beautiful WordPress themes.

jhonchey Jul 1, 2014

nice share themes . i like it ..
cool colection ..

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