15 Fresh Free Fonts for Graphic Designers

15 Fresh Free Fonts for Graphic Designers
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Fonts for designers best and free download for commercial-use. All fonts are highest quality and design friendly that makes your work more perfect. In this post we have gather some of greatest free fonts for graphic and web designers. Download them instantly and start using in your design.

If you need more high quality free fonts, then you must check our font’s collection, because we have huge library of professional and good looking fonts for graphic designers.

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Best Free Fonts for Graphic Designers

GDJ always keep our readers up to date with fresh resources, especially about the fonts. Today we gathered a high quality fresh free fonts to boost your font libraries. So what are your waiting, go and check out all of them and download the ones you like most.

NOTE: The following fonts are free for (personal or commercial) design. But its good to read the licence before use. Enjoy!

Resphekt Font

Resphekt free fonts
Resphekt Free Fonts 11

Font Download

Adria Slab Font

Adria Slab free fonts
Adria Slab Free Fonts 12

Font Download

Blnc Round Font

Blnc Round free fonts
Blnc Round Free Fonts 13

Font Download

Chevia Font

Chevia free fonts
Chevia Free Fonts 14

Font Download

Kirvy Font

Kirvy free fonts
Kirvy Free Fonts 15

Font Download

RuckSack Font (2 free weights)

RuckSack free fonts
RuckSack Free Fonts 16

Font Download

Regular 1 Fait Main Font

Regular 1 Fait Main free fonts
Regular 1 Fait Main Free Fonts 17

Font Download

Gasalt Font

Gasalt free fonts
Gasalt Free Fonts 18

Font Download

Forced Square Font

Forced Square free fonts
Forced Square Free Fonts 19

Font Download

Dickie Font

Dickie free fonts
Dickie Free Fonts 20

Font Download

Yeahfree Font

Yeahfree free fonts
Yeahfree Free Fonts 21

Font Download

Zorus Serif Font

Zorus Serif free fonts

Font Download

Peyarili Font

Peyarili free fonts
Peyarili Free Fonts 23

Font Download

Dagerotypos Font

Dagerotypos free fonts
Dagerotypos Free Fonts 24

Font Download

RockBuchet Font

RockBuchet free fonts

Font Download

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