14 Free Creative Form Designs

14 Free Creative Form Designs
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JotForm has recently released a Form Designer app. One of the things they have done to find bugs on the Form Designer was to do internal form design hackathons called “Theme-a-thons”. During these events, JotForm employees had 24 hours to come up with great looking forms. And they sure delivered.

Below, you will find some of the awesome forms created by the JotForm Team on internal theme-a-thons and the company is giving these form designs aways for free. Simply click one to clone it on JotForm, and then you can edit the form and embed it in any web site.

LimeForm – Green, inviting, and wonderfully simple.

Creative Form Designs - 1

View Form Clone Form

TakeNoteForm – For the artist in all of us.

Creative Form Designs - 2

View Form Clone Form

HoverForm – You’ve never had so much fun submitting a form.

Creative Form Designs - 3

View Form Clone Form

ColorForm – The most colorful form yet, guaranteed to liven up any page.

Creative Form Designs - 4

View Form Clone Form

MonkeyForm – Because, who can resist a monkey?

Creative Form Designs - 5

View Form Clone Form

SmileyForm – Sleek and simple, this gives your site a nice “cosmic” feel.

Creative Form Designs - 6

View Form Clone Form

PhoneForm – “Ring! Ring!” Your website called. It wants you to use this awesome form.

Creative Form Designs - 7

View Form Clone Form

HolidayForm – A must have for holiday party invitations everywhere.

Creative Form Designs - 8

View Form Clone Form

Trick-or-TreatForm – Put a good scare into your site visitors. They deserve it.

Creative Form Designs - 9

View Form Clone Form

RoundRockForm – Am I submitting a form, or vacationing on a beautiful lake beach?

Creative Form Designs - 10

View Form Clone Form

CityForm – A form that oozes sophistication.

Creative Form Designs - 11

View Form Clone Form

NinjaForm – Short, sweet and simple – with just a little ninja magic.

Creative Form Designs - 12

View Form Clone Form

AnimatedForm – When Clint Eastwood asks for your feedback, you give it.

Creative Form Designs - 13

View Form Clone Form

SidebarForm – A great form for adding a little context to the submission.

Creative Form Designs - 14

View Form Clone Form

JotForm is currently running a web design contest for forms, with a grand prize of $7,500. What inspired this contest was the amazing looking forms produced by JotForm users and employees during theme-a-thons. JotForm decided to run a large contest so that more people would get a chance to try out the amazing new Form Designer.

Creative Form Designs - 15

One of the best things about the JotForm Form Designer is the CSS Inspector/Editor.

Creative Form Designs - 16

The contest has just started and continues until December 4. So, if you want to join, there is plenty of time!

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