What Should a Graphic Designer Know Before Each Project?

What Should a Graphic Designer Know Before Each Project?
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Money and success are what motivate people to pursue a career in Graphic Design, but not everyone is capable of learning how to play around with layouts, images and texts. But creative minds constantly evolve, driven by the desire for self-improvement, and a job as a graphic designer can become more than satisfactory. Not only because a person working in this field can earn a lot of money, but because hours are flexible, although he will need to comply with deadlines. Before starting a new project, there are some rules to follow or to establish, and we’ll teach you how to be a responsible employee or freelancer.

Negotiate With Your Employers

Negotiate With Your Employers

As a freelancer, you’ll have days when you’ll bid for projects on various freelance websites until someone hires you. Don’t rush to accept all conditions, just because you need a job. Make sure that you’re getting paid correctly, depending on the complexity of the project, and that you can finish it on time.

Invest Money In Yourself

Invest Money to Educate Yourself

If you go to college to get a graphic design degree, you’ll spend good money on textbooks, art supplies and professional design software that will allow you to make experiments until you grow yourself and your skills. Then, you’ll be ready to show your work to employers or clients, presenting your portfolio online or in physical form.

Build a Reputation

Build a Reputation

As a beginner, you’ll need to learn how to get noticed, and to get noticed, you must assure your employer that his business is on good hands. Working for an agency will require professionalism and your imagination will be your greatest asset. In a world where everyone is trying to sell something, product ads must look perfect and you’ll be the guy who will achieve perfection. Then, everyone will know that it was you who created the ad that made many people buy that product.

Listen To Your Client’s Needs

Listen To Your Client’s Needs

You’re smart and creative, but you must be disciplined and to take your job seriously. Some clients will give you a free hand to come up with something that will impress their eyes, but corporations will make requests that will make your life a living hell. Don’t be a rebel and accept to fulfill the needs of your employer, even if they will make your blood boil.

Share Your Work Online

Share Your Work Online

If you work for a company which doesn’t allow you to utilize your full potential, be creative in your free time, while you’re at home, boring. Create interesting designs and share them on social media websites. You won’t get paid for that, but your virtual friends will surely “like” your work.

Follow Or Avoid Trends

Be Creative

Find inspiration in books, magazines and visit blogs. Also, don’t get inspired from design annuals, because nobody will accept some work that has already been done. Just study other designers’ work, but only to avoid duplicating it by mistake.


AIGA Website

This professional association for design was founded in 1914 in New York City, and it represents over 21,000 professionals, educators and students. There are 65 local chapters and over 200 groups and this great community will give you the freedom to exchange design ideas with everyone who is interested in studying your work.

David Hohmann spent six years lecturing about Java before settling as a full-time independent Android developer and a contributor at ZeoMag. He has strong interest in writing about Android and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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