Web Builders: Land of Mediocrity Insights by Splendor Design Group

Web Builders: Land of Mediocrity Insights by Splendor Design Group
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Not all websites are created equal. In fact, the deepening dichotomy between a quality custom website and pre-made cookie cutter template website further proves the old adage last in first out, or in this case those who attempt to cut corners on quality will inevitably lose to their competition; most businesses take one to five years to become profitable therefore it would be naive if not irresponsible to assume a website would become a business asset immediately. While web design and online marketing take significantly less time to realize a positive return on investment, compared to its brick and mortar counterpart, it requires foresight by both client and web design agency to focus near and long-term rather than sacrifice tomorrow’s gold for today’s silver.

The Clone Website Wars a have Begun

(source: pigeonsandplanes)

(source: pigeonsandplanes)

The market for web design has become saturated leading to its logical conclusion of bare bones minimalist websites patch worked by novice coders or part-time business owners. In a virtual sea of dozens, hundreds, thousands, if not millions of competitors how does one stand out from the crowd? The answer exists within the question itself. It has never been possible to blend in with the crowd, provide an average experience and expect to beat out your competition. Adam Taylor, CEO of Splendor Design Group understands business excellence; web design and branding are deeply intricately connected. Just as painting an old car won’t solve its core mechanical issues, redesigning a website only solves half of the problem. New business is the life blood and holy grail of marketing. Search engines are based on three core factors: relevancy and user experience (based on Visual and Technical design), popularity based on promotion.

Have a plan and execute it Earl Nightingale Style

(source: wordpress)

(source: wordpress)

 “.. I think you’ll agree with me that if it gets out of the harbor at all, it will either sink or wind up on some deserted beach, a derelict. It can’t go any place because it has no destination and no guidance.” – Strangest Secret in the World.

Formulating a plan of attack is essential to knowing the end result in mind. For over 16 years Adam Taylor and his team at Splendor Design Group have created thousands of websites and marketing plans which leverage each brand’s unique value proposition and storytelling user experience. Through strategic partnerships and expertise in multiple verticals within the subset of online marketing, Splendor Design Group has been able to grow brands as diverse as local government websites, major healthcare providers, small mom-and-pop businesses and Fortune 100 companies traded on the New York stock exchange.

Conversion is all that matters. Supporting a brand

(source: classroomclipart)

(source: classroomclipart)

Business owners who attempt DIY website creation projects often take the next step in online marketing promotions via paid traffic or organic Outreach. Some lucky few begin to receive new traffic to their website, however much of it, if not all is wasted by a lack of attention to detail and conversion tracking. It is only when a professional website, designed intelligently, will have the proper systems in place to not only attract but maximize traffic. The Greeks knew the mind and the body cannot be separated and to do so was insanity. A website and it’s promotion cannot be separated; both must be of the highest caliber or the digital experience is a farce, a half-heated attempt by the business owner to shirk his responsibilities to showcase his website properly online but relies on cutting corners any misguided hopes of achieving something for nothing. Game Theory postulates,  with so many competitors someone is willing to commit to Excellence both in web design and in promotions therefore the only logical way to compete with your competition at the highest level is to choose excellence in all phases, otherwise conceding to second place, or worse, obscurity.

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