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Post Thumbnail of 20 Best High Quality Photoshop Brushes

This Photoshop brushes pack contains more than 1000+ super high resolution Photoshop brushes, up to 5000 pixels in size. All brushes are very high quality, super detailed and realistic brushes for Photoshop.  Photoshop brushes can be useful in the way it could make your work easier and have a …

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Post Thumbnail of Perks of Using SVG Images

With responsive design, images often require to be utilized at a variety of dimensions for various screen sizes. While there are several approaches to account for such concerns with raster images, there’s a simpler solution for vector-based graphics: use SVG images.

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics – a file …

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Post Thumbnail of How To Choose An Antivirus Software?

Cyber threats are real and are affecting every organization and possibly, even individuals. The statistics pertaining to online frauds and cyber threats are growing by the day, with more people and organizations falling prey to these hackers.

Though the nature of cyber attacks varies greatly, the one commonality that exists …

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Post Thumbnail of How To Choose The Best Free VPN?

Anonymity is something that is hard to achieve in the digital world because we are all so connected. When you want to know more about a person, simply go to his or her social media page, do a Google search, and even use people search sites that provide all public …

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Post Thumbnail of Find Geolocation of any IP Address in a Breeze with IP Geolocation API

IP Geolocation is the process of identifying and estimating the real geographic location of an IP address being used a computer connected by the internet.

There could be a variety of reasons owing to which one would want to use IP geolocation services. Perhaps the purpose is to improve ecommerce …

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Post Thumbnail of Rank High and Win $25K: The Battle between Wix Enthusiasts and Sceptics

Wix is quite a popular platform among the masses. The platform openly claims to rank well on search engines. Considering the importance of a high SERP, it isn’t a surprise that various website owners build their sites on Wix. At the same time, many are sceptical about this claim.

Recently, …

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Post Thumbnail of Over 30 Web Tools And Services Reviewed

Everyone talks about the different web tools and services on the market, as there are over 10,000 different solutions on the market in all niches. There are tens of website builders, thousands of website themes, plugins, logo design platforms and so on. But what to choose with so many options?…

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Post Thumbnail of Boost a Number of Your Ready-Made Solutions in One Click: ONE by TemplateMonster

We live in a world where people often make an attempt to get the best items among the best ones. It is completely impossible to predict if you manage to achieve this very goal. Occasionally, it becomes possible not only to get the most high-quality digital products. It becomes even …

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Post Thumbnail of 65 Free Vintage Logo Templates and Badges

Free vintage, retro logo templates and vintage vector logo kit to make vintage branding projects, labels, apparel design, typography pieces with these handy vector element and logo design kit. That’s 65 vintage logo templates  and badges that you can use for poster, sticker, packaging product design, t-shirt design, corporate

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Post Thumbnail of Ipapi: IP Targeting Made Easy

Gone are the days when mass marketing was considered to be effective. Now, micro-marketing has taken over. We don’t just want our communications to be relevant to our needs. But, we also need them to be pertinent to our cultures and region.…

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