HTML SlideshowBox Flash and Photo Galleries with Javascript

HTML SlideshowBox Flash and Photo Galleries with Javascript
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SlideshowBox enables you to create professional photo slideshows starting from dozens of stylish templates, and no coding. SlideshowBox will output Flash AS3.0 and JavaScript galleries using standard XML files as sources, though neither AS3.0 nor JavaScript coding is required for you to use our templates.

What is SlideshowBox?

Slideshow box is an easy to use application that enables you to create amazing Flash and HTML (JavaScript) photo slideshow galleries.

SlideshowBox comprises 24 high-quality slideshow templates that allow you to create custom photo slideshows without the pains of coding. Many new templates will be added in the near future, including more pure JavaScript slideshows.

SlideShowBox HTML and Flash Slide Shows
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All the galleries use a similar XML file as the data source which makes it possible to switch between galleries within minutes.

The galleries can be customized with the help of variables (speed of the slideshows, background images ,etc.) or a much easier way would be using the SlideshowBox online panel which helps you to customize the galleries quickly.

SlideshowBox comes with multiple versions:

  • Free (for non-commercial use)
  • Premium HTML (includes all the fully customizable 24 templates for commercial use)
  • Premium Flash (includes a Flash component for integrating any of the templates to Flash websites for commercial use)
  • Premium Plus (Premium HTML and Flash combined)

To sum up, the kit is very functional for anyone who wants to create an image gallery easily and a time-saver for all web designers/developers.

Also, the demo page featuring all the slideshows says it all.


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ranggaw0636 Jul 14, 2010

thanks for this info

Las Vegas Web Design Jul 23, 2010

Thank you for those demos, it gave me idea for my upcoming projects. Las Vegas Web Design

Jodee Ferrel Feb 17, 2011

Useful to me. niouwhgfd

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