Free Fonts: 18 New High Quality Fonts

Free Fonts: 18 New High Quality Fonts
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Free font downloads are useful for graphic designers and as well as web designers alike. Simple to install and use, they offer an easy way to add variety and make a website visually pop. starting from their artwork and finishing with the selection of typography. Some of you can say that one shouldn’t pay much attention to it, but if you are a professional then you do the best you can to make your work perfect.

There are many ways to incorporate new fonts into your text, such as using changes in font to separate sections to make your title stand out, to emphasize quotes or to highlight company facts.

So, here we present you a great collection of 10 Free Fonts for web typography, hope you’ll enjoy it!

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New High Quality Free Fonts

1. Pacifico

2. Bevan

3. Minaeff Ect

4. Tevegraphy

5. Elega Rounded

6. Font gLee

7. Big Rage

8. Six Caps

9. Neues Bauen

10. Miloch

11. Alt Retro

12. Roke 1984

13. Typeface Adec

14. PT Sans (PDF specimen)

15. Pac Font

16. NULL

17. Gabriel Sans

18. HERO


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[…] Free Fonts: 18 New High Quality Fonts | Fonts | Graphic Design Junction […]

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metalpig Jul 11, 2011

free fonts? awesome… thanks!

smai Nov 1, 2011

great collection themes.. thanks for share it

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