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100 Stamp-Like & Vector Social Media Icons


Social networking icons, although there are many of them, new and original ones are worth-bookmarking considering almost every website needs some social love.

Stampaxx is a set of 100 stamp-like vector social media icons that are in the shape of stamps and all have their unique social network-related motto.

They are available in 2, single-file, vector formats: .PSD and .EPS, so, updating them is so easy.

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Stamp-Like & Vector Social Media Icons Preview

Here’s a preview of some of the icons in their sizes:

Stamp Vector Social Media Icons
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The download file includes all of the icons in a large .psd and .eps fomart graphic.

License, Usage, and Sharing:

You are free to use this icon set for personal or commercial projects, under the following guidelines:

All stamps are free and may be used for any type of project.

Free Download Stamp Vector Social Media Icons

Download the zip file with all icons below:
Download Stamp Shape Vector Social Media Icons


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