100 Stamp-Like & Vector Social Media Icons

100 Stamp-Like & Vector Social Media Icons
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Social networking icons, although there are many of them, new and original ones are worth-bookmarking considering almost every website needs some social love.

Stampaxx is a set of 100 stamp-like vector social media icons that are in the shape of stamps and all have their unique social network-related motto.

They are available in 2, single-file, vector formats: .PSD and .EPS, so, updating them is so easy.

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Stamp-Like & Vector Social Media Icons Preview

Here’s a preview of some of the icons in their sizes:

Stamp Vector Social Media Icons
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The download file includes all of the icons in a large .psd and .eps fomart graphic.

License, Usage, and Sharing:

You are free to use this icon set for personal or commercial projects, under the following guidelines:

All stamps are free and may be used for any type of project.

Free Download Stamp Vector Social Media Icons

Download the zip file with all icons below:
Download Stamp Shape Vector Social Media Icons


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Comments to 100 Stamp-Like & Vector Social Media Icons

dbestlists Feb 10, 2012

It’s different and so cute design for social media icon.

Thx Muhammad. We have to publish your design in my blog.


drew Apr 25, 2012

The download link is inactive, is there another place I can download it?

GDJ Apr 25, 2012

Hi Drew,

Link was updated thanks.

Kreatorem Nov 14, 2013

Big thanks for this list. It saved a lot of my time. Added to Bookmarks.

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