iPhone Wallpapers: 50 Fresh iPhone Wallpapers

iPhone Wallpapers: 50 Fresh iPhone Wallpapers
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Download free high-quality iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers and backgrounds. In this post you can find  50 fresh iPhone wallpapers which you never seen before.

The iPhone is a beautiful work of art, with its sleek and elegant design. The large screen of the iPhone is ideal for a stunning and colorful wallpaper. A wallpaper can help personalize and beautify your iPhone. If you’re searching for iPhone wallpapers, you’ve come to the right place, for here are 50 really good iPhone wallpapers. These wallpapers also work with the iPod Touch, and are 320×480 pixels in resolution.

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Here is a list of iPhone Wallpapers: 50 Fresh iPhone Wallpapers. Enjoy!

1. Burning Heart

Burning Heart

2. Raging Bull

Raging Bull

3. Death’s Head

Death’s Head

4. U2 360 Tour

U2 360 Tour

5. Colorful Eye

Colorful Eye

6. Proud


7. Apple Swirl

Apple Swirl

8. Golf Course

Golf Course

9. Red Bokeh

Red Bokeh

10. Angry Robot

Angry Robot

11. Suzuki GSX R Lean

Suzuki GSX R Lean

12. Vector Swirls

Vector Swirls

13. Wicker Macro

Wicker Macro

14. The Golden Path

The Golden Path

15. Butterfly


16. Morning View

Morning View

17. Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes

18. Spider Web

Spider Web

19.Scale Model

Scale Model

20. Earth Beam

Earth Beam

21. Starcraft – Battlecruiser Fleet

Starcraft – Battlecruiser Fleet

22. Escape

23. Wet Pink Texture

Wet Pink Texture

24. Pyramids


25. Sunset


26. Black Chopper

Black Chopper

27. Tubby Frog

Tubby Frog

28. Shooting Star

Shooting Star

29. Good Morning

Good Morning

30. Exploration


31. Ball of Light

Ball of Light

32. Bubbling


33. Lava Effect

Lava Effect

34. Lake Reflection

Lake Reflection

35. Need for Speed

Need for Speed

36. Honda NSX

Honda NSX

37. Ford GT40

Ford GT40

38. Aston Martin

Aston Martin

39. Purple Skyline

Purple Skyline

40. Mercedes Formula 1

Mercedes Formula 1

41. Halloween on a Little Planet

Halloween on a Little Planet

42. The Autumn Tree

The Autumn Tree

43. Mac OS X Lion Wallpaper

Mac OS X Lion Wallpaper

44. Little Elephant, Big Ukulele

Little Elephant, Big Ukulele

45. Happy Mother’s Day! (Tiny Wings fan art wallpaper)

Happy Mother’s Day!

46. QR Wise Quote

QR Wise Quote

47. The Solved Mystery of Moai Statues

The Solved Mystery of Moai Statues

48. Looove


49. The Two and the Bubbles

The Two and the Bubbles

50. The Two and the Lighthouse

The Two and the Lighthouse

51. Serpenteau



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Dzinepress Oct 24, 2011

really inspiring collection you sharing. thanks

Matthew George Dec 19, 2011

Brilliant collection.

Cindy Watrous Oct 11, 2012

The team at Elite Health Blends is creating a library of iPhone backgrounds you may enjoy. Check them out on the blog. 🙂

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