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Changing Your Logo Design: The Aftermath

Changing your logo design poses you to numerous issues you need to handle.

After the decision of changing your company logo design into a new, refreshing one, you cannot help but wonder on the pros and cons of your actions. We cannot simply shrug the idea that once the logo design of a company changes, a major overhaul is needed.

A logo design represents the status of a company. It reflects the quality of the products or services it renders; thus, making a logo design takes a lot of work. Time, effort and money are all spent in this major step.

However, after establishing your company, it is inevitable that there are things that would change, and so does your logo design.

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Questions are raised; does this logo still reflect my company’s vision or platforms? Is it still advisable to use this logo in this time and generation?

We have seen major shifts in logo designs from big company players like Starbucks, Pepsi, Apple, UPS, and even Microsoft. They heeded to the call that they had encountered a situation wherein their old logos aren’t selling much raves anymore. Some may have instigated negative feedbacks, while others perfectly sold their logo design to the market.

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Moving on, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages in changing your logo design. A popular advantage in redesigning your logo is that it gives a refreshing look. Away with the old and in with the new. Almost self-explanatory, changing your logo design is comparable to a new haircut, new set of clothes, and changes in fashion statements. Once your logo design sells to the audience, expect more coming your way.

Getting in the trend is another advantage of changing your logo design. With a refreshing new look, your clients may have the impression that your company is progressive, and that they can still stick with you until the end. You may want to introduce new services or package deals, and even discounts to celebrate this event.

However, let us not be biased and now ponder upon the cons of changing your logo design. Some of the cons that will be discussed here shouldn’t be that much of a bother except if you have failed to reinvent your company through your new logo design.

A new logo design does not entail a positive effect right away. Some might disagree on this move, especially if your logo design did not meet their expectations. Your logo design is not yours alone. It is the representation of your product, of your service; a crappy logo design would ruin your reputation and lessen chance of getting new clients, too.

If you got way past the acceptance stage, congratulations! After that, now comes the major overhaul. You need to do away with your old marketing materials — letterheads, business cards, brochures, and many more. You also need to redesign your website; a major facelift is called for. Don’t forget to change your design templates, too.

It may be tiresome to do all of these things, but for the benefit of your logo design change, this is a must. Don’t forget to inform your clients about this change, too. Inform them about the changes that come with your new logo design, and be straightforward to ask for their continued patronage to your product or service.

Don’t be afraid of change. Best of luck!

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