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60 Best Print Advertising Campaigns


The print advertising is the fastest way to communicate the message to the target audience. If print media ads in brochures, print catalogs, flyers, posters and even billboards are creatively done in a funny way, catching the attention of readers will be a lot easier. Most companies today make sure to achieve this creative idea for their print advertising campaigns to stand out among others.  Print advertising which are very distinctive, striking and sometimes humorous are the most successful.

I love print advertising compaigns, When you need to get a lot of attention for little money, turn to posters. Best print media advertising campaigns posters aren’t only for use on the side of your building; billboards are also considered a form of printing.

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60 Best Print Advertising Campaigns

For any company trying to get their product or service out in print format, the task is ever more challenging and difficult. A print ad campaign starts with a creative idea, but must be brought to life with clever art direction and great visuals.

Red Balloon: Machine UK

Goodyear: City

LG LCF8000N: Boombox

Kalnapilis: Mouse

Glyde.com: Idiot

89.7 WTMD Radio: Guy

The Boneless Chicken

Sanofi Targifor: Bicycle

Vodol: Nose

L’Etudiant: Writer

Renault: Flies, Broken arms

Biopark: Tomatoes

Vantage: Ketchup

TAC: Confusion, Metropolitan

Oral-B Stages: Babies

Tchica: Princess

Glad Forceflex: First-time cook

Abbott, Ensure Active M2

Land Rover Defender: Night Eyes, Lion

Big Foote Music & Sound: Tsunami

Sooruz: Wake’N’Country

Waterloo Gin: Punch

Cepacol Plus Whitening: Executioner

CO-OP Financial Services: Ex

Land Rover Defender: Snorkel

Berocca: Bike

Tama Group: capTAMAmerica

Audi: Support

Samusocial: Stop the Nightmare

Eno anti-acid: Lobster

Super Sônica Sound Design

Parque Recreio Kids: Pop Toys

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Shop

Mentos: Share if you can

Goodyear Ultra Grip Tyres

Piano Media: Homosexuals

Vancouver Aquarium: Frog

Perdigão Boneless Turkey: Sad whippet

Halls XS: Ceo

Volkswagen Amarok: Goat

Nissan Navara: Motorbike

Gorila.sk Book Store: Terrorist

Elektro: Tap

Graffiti BBDO: Garlic

Young Director Award (YDA): Hugo

Tok&Stok: Scratched Floor,

Burger King: Bags

End of The World

No Bite No Info

Small Cakes Big Occasions

Reebok Sports Club

McDonald’s: GoMcDo

Hi Viajes: Flickr

Diomedia Stock Images: BBDO/Mizuno

RICTV Record: Swimmer

Minas Gerais Government: Fire

Las Vegas Wedding Agency: Solitaire

Nissan: Home

Swire Pacific: Ear

Patit: Chili

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