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Important Picture Perfect Traits And Skills Of A Graphic Designer

Graphic designers have a unique ability to take an idea and create an artistic masterpiece for the web, mobile device, or print. While, with the right programming and coding skills this may seem like an easy task, it becomes far more difficult when the idea is not that of the graphic designer but instead that of somebody else who hires them to help fulfill a need.

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The job of a graphic designer requires a unique ability to manipulate lines of code and turn them into art that usually has a very specific goal to accomplish, such as sales or sign ups. Because of the nature of this position, a graphic designer must be able to adapt to a variety of situations thrown their direction.

Here are some of the most important traits and skills any aspiring graphic designer must have.

  1. Motivated


    – Work typically does not land in the laps of up and coming artists. To find the jobs that will allow you to put your talents to work you must first be motivated to get out there and get in front of prospective clients. To do this, it is important to have a portfolio of some of your best work. You will also want to highlight your specialties, such as WordPress design or Web design.

  2. Imaginative

    imaginative ideas

    – Your imagination is what will allow you to take a person’s broad idea and turn it into something specific. This is also what will allow you to create a competitive advantage and stand apart from the crowd. Instead of simply following standard templates, break outside of the box and create designs that will set you apart from the others.

  3. Open to Feedback

    – The graphic designers who feel they have all the answers and do not need any help from others are the ones that end up faltering time and time again. To be successful, you must be open to receive honest feedback from clients, as well as be smart enough to ask the right questions so you can put their ideas and wants in graphic form.

  4. Not Afraid of a Challenge

    – Working as a graphic designer means putting yourself out on the front lines for your creativity to be judged. You will also likely compete with others and in order to be successful you must win out above the competition repeatedly. This is a significant challenge and one that proves to be very difficult for many graphic designers.

  5. Excellent Balancer of Time


    – Time management is important not only to making sure you turn in your work on time or ahead of schedule, but also so that you are able to give yourself enough of an opportunity to have a personal life outside of your graphic design business. Without a proper balance, you will end up burning yourself out in the long run and will find it harder and harder to succeed in this career.

  6. Professional Communicator

    – When you work with clients you will find yourself face to face with a wide variety of personalities. The way you handle working with these various personalities as well as how you communicate will determine your success. The best graphic designers maintain a high level of professionalism throughout their client relationships.

  7. Desires to Continue Learning

    Desire to continue learning

    – New programs are constantly coming out. You will be expected to be educated on the latest technology, software and platforms in your line of work. To keep up, you may have to go back to school, take online courses, or teach yourself how to use the technology. Without a desire to learn, you will have a difficult time keeping up with your industry and client needs making you fall further behind the competition. The more you can learn, the more successful you will be.

  8. Exceed Your Own Expectations

    – You are your own worst critic and if you can exceed your own expectations, chances are you will consistently blow the client away. Push your limits and work hard to achieve the most you can achieve. In the end, you will surprise yourself at how much you can do.

As a graphic designer don’t be afraid to break free from your shell and work hard to let your creativity shine through on screen or in print.

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