Lizatom WordPress Shortcodes Plugin From MightyDeals

Lizatom WordPress Shortcodes Plugin From MightyDeals
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WordPress shortcodes were introduced in version 2.5 and since then have proved to be one of the most useful features. With shortcodes plugin you can easily create buttons, tooltips, image shadows, boxes, different sliders and much, much more. Turn your  theme to premium in just a few clicks. Using Lizatom Shortcodes you can quickly and easily retrieve many premium themes features and display it on your site.

Now you can get WordPress shortcodes plugins with 3 premium wp themes for just $19! That means you get 86% off the regular price. This amazing deal is offered by lizatom and more details about it can be found on Mighty Deals.

Lizatom WordPress Shortcodes plugins is currently ranked as the best shortcodes plugin available on the internet with literally thousands of shortcodes and endless shortcode combinations. It is lightweight, cross browser compatible, easy to install and use, and comes packed with awesome jQuery effects, allowing you to spice up any blog page and turn it into a high conversions sales page or a portfolio. This deal is available only for this week.

Features Of Lizatom Shortcodes Plugin For WordPress


Hate the same old buttons you have on your site? No worries. Choose from literally hundreds of CSS3 button variations to add to your page. You can even alter the icon, color and size of each one.

Want to convey a lot of crucial information without busying up your page? Tooltips let you do just that with a small layer that pops up when moused over. Choose from a large variety of CSS3 tooltips and customize the color, pick the direction, and even embed images and videos right in there.

Image Shadows

You can add a touch of oomph to all your photos by putting an extra 3D shadow on each image. Quick and easy to implement on any images within your blog.

Content Info Boxes
You want boxes? You’ve got boxes! Choose from a huge selection of content info boxes that can include icons, pictures, links, and even a video.


Display huge pull quotes easily to make important content truly stand out. Justify your text with left, right, and full alignments.


Colorful highlights can display key words or phrases throughout your page. Customize each highlight with any color you can imagine.

Organize large blocks of text into smaller pieces of content with toggable sections that slide open to reveal text when users click on each section.

Tabbed Content
Go ahead and add vertical or horizontal tabs to your content to further organize things for your users.

Custom Lists
Choose from a variety of fresh icons to spice up your unordered lists.

Pricing Tables

Looking to show off prices for your product or service? The sleek pricing table will fit any blog design no matter if your site is a corporate or personal one.

Want to break you content into columns for better flow? Choose from a variety of column options to suit your needs.

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Comments to Lizatom WordPress Shortcodes Plugin From MightyDeals

Mahwish Kareem Aug 23, 2012

Great list! I might have to use button shortcodes now.. Is there any possibility to get only button shortcodes? thanks

Theo Aug 25, 2012

When I used the LizaTom shortcode plugin I found that it can easily interfere with the layout of your WordPress theme. Due to generic class names used in the plugin it can mess up your layout.

Tom Aug 30, 2012


All CSS classes are prefixed with “lizatom-“. Are you sure you are talking about Lizatom shortcodes plugin?

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