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8 Web Designing Practices Every Designer Must Avoid

The introduction of the internet has benefited the business industry a lot more than any other industry. The internet websites have provided the businesses a chance to market their products and services to a larger audience without having to work very hard. Nowadays, creation of websites that appeal to the people has become the most important aspects of business marketing. For creating an eye-catching website, one has to design it very carefully avoiding the silly mistakes that would deter people from visiting the website.

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The following are some of the most common web designing mistakes that should be avoided at all costs when creating a compelling website.

1. Do not make the design complex

Do not make the design complex

One of the biggest and commonest mistakes that web designers make nowadays is of adding a lot of features in to their design without analyzing whether these features are really required or not. Always remember that adding a lot of features to make the design more complex is never a beneficial. First of all a complex design will be very hard to navigate for the user and he may get confused while viewing so many things on the website. Moreover, the complex the design is the difficult will it be for you to make changes and adjustments to the design at a later stage.

2. Do not exaggerate the use of Flash

Do not exaggerate the use of Flash

Another mistake that most web designers make often in designing their websites is the overuse of flash animation. It is understandable to use Flash when it is necessary as it can grab the attention of the viewers but as too much of anything is bad, too much of Flash is bad too. It will severely affect your website’s loading time and would make the viewers very much frustrated. Thus, always remember to use flash only when you are adding features that require flash and cannot run without it.

3. Do not use fancy fonts

Do not use fancy fonts

A mistake that is most often made by web designers is of using fancy fonts for the content of their website. While using fonts that are stylish can get the viewer’s attention for a limited period of time, if the font is not easily readable, the viewer’s attention will fade away just as quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to use fonts that are easily readable for the users and to not use such fonts that are stylish but hard to read and comprehend for the users.

4. Avoid Playing music or audio files without permission

 Avoid Playing music or audio files without permission

Web designers make the mistake of adding music or audio files in their website design that play automatically when the user logs onto the website. This can prove to be very annoying for the viewers and they might stop coming to such websites in the future. Therefore, it is best to not include self-executable audio or music files in the website’s design. However, if it is necessary for you to add such a file to the design then do remember to give the control of opening or closing the file to the user.

5. Do not hide the Links

Do not hide the Links

Another common mistake that web designers make while creating a website is to not highlight the links properly. Unless a visitor is able to easily identify the links, he would not be able to navigate the website properly. Therefore, always highlight the links so that the user does not encounter any difficulty in going around the website.

6. Avoid using pop ups

 Avoid using pop ups

One of the mistakes that web designers make quite frequently is of using pop ups in their website designs. Pop ups can be very annoying for a viewer and therefore, must be avoided at all times.

7. Do not ask for registration

Do not ask for registration

Asking web users for registration when they visit the website is another one of the web designing mistakes that need to be avoided at all costs. Do not ask the viewers of your website to register themselves on your website before reading your content unless it is very necessary.

8. Do not subscribe the visitors for newsletters without their consent

Do not subscribe the visitors for newsletters without their consent

This is one mistake that angers the visitors a lot. No one wants to start receiving newsletters from a website unless he had asked for them. Therefore, never subscribe a visitor of your website for your newsletter without asking his permission.


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