Movie Posters: 50 Fresh Poster Designs

Movie Posters: 50 Fresh Poster Designs
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Movie posters are known for a brief introduction of what the movie all about. Every movie has hi-res posters for its publicity and marketing purpose. Now over the past few years, we’ve continuously seen a boom of posters and DVD covers continuing to appropriate the style.

Earlier we are publish latest movie postershi-res 2012 movie posters and now present fresh movie posters. Poster designs is the striking medium to convey your messages. It should convey the messages very creatively. Fix your audience. Choose your message. Less information is good. Concept is necessary. Meanwhile the concept itself explains everything.

Today we’re rounded up 50 fresh movie poster designs for your inspiration. In this showcase you can view hi-res XL Posters.

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50 Fresh Movie Posters For Design Inspiration

Posters are your ambassadors. Poster Designs are great at getting people’s attention as long as you don’t make them too text heavy and you include an eye-catching most effective graphic in look-at-me colors. To make your posters design really effective, you should use text that gives people a benefit like “Oprah ate here.” Or “We carry Oprah’s favorite things here.” People will knock each other down to get into your store!

Resident Evil: Retribution Poster

Stolen Poster

End of Watch Poster

V/H/S Poster

Halloween Poster

Deadfall Poster

2016: Obama’s America Poster

Cloud Atlas Poster

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Poster

A Late Quartet Poster

Les Misérables Poster

Chasing Mavericks Poster

Silver Linings Playbook Poster

The Expatriate Poster

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Poster

Looper Poster

Dust Up Poster

Code Name: Geronimo Poster

Killing Them Softly Poster

Taken 2 Poster

I Know That Voice Poster

How to Survive a Plague Poster

Anna Karenina

Barricade Poster

The Oranges Poster

Butter Poster

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You Poster

That’s What She Said Poster

The Ambassador Poster

Life of Pi Poster

Bangkok Revenge Poster

Lincoln Poster

Now Is Good Poster

Skyfall Poster

Raiders of the Lost Ark Poster

Seven Psychopaths Poster

Marked Man Poster

The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate Poster

Spiders 3D Poster

Red Dawn Poster

Hotel Transylvania Poster

Igor & the Cranes’ Journey Poster

God Bless America Poster

Hit and Run Poster

Ted Poster

Lockout Poster

The Bourne Legacy Poster

Total Recall Poster

Pacific Rim Poster

Man of Steel Poster

Man of Steel Poster

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Comments to Movie Posters: 50 Fresh Poster Designs

Best T Shirt Design Oct 12, 2012

Great round-up, the Barricade poster is stunning.

budi hermawan Jan 20, 2015

Dear, Muhammad Faisal.

My Name is Budi from Bandung Indonesia, and at the moment I am writing on my first book draft on how to ‘read’ and understand the visuals. I came across this site and am deeply amazed by the pictures. Through this email I am writing to seek your permission to use the pictures on my book. The pictures will only serve as the data and example of the points I am discussing on the book. I would really appreciate if you could give me your approval. Thank you.


Muhammad Faisal Jan 20, 2015

Hi Budi,

These posters are copyright and only available for inspiration. You can directly contact “” and asking about commercial usage. Thanks

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