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30+ Beautiful Examples Of Promotional Bags With Brand Identity


Promotional bags now a part of branding campaign.  Many businesses use plain bags for their products packaging. However using printed bags with there brand identity have a distinct advantages.  There are many promotional bags available on the market to print company advertising, but paper bags, carrier bags and tote bags have the best choice of the clients and customers.

Here you will find a wide variety and excellent examples of promotional bags with brand identity.

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Promotional Bags With Branding Identity

Promotional bags with your logos are great for making sure that whoever takes them home remembers your logo or brand identity for a long time!

Encontro Diretivos Brasil – Branding

Mareiner Holz – Corporate identity & design

Back and Forth Music Festival – Branding

Vertical – Branding & Packaging

Local Tea Shop – Packaging

Mota Engil – Branding Design

Hospital de Braga – Brandign & Print Desgin

99% Conference 2012 – Identity & Branded Materials

Aishti Identity – Packaging & Branding

Hotel Daniel – Branding & Photography

ICG (Integrated Consulting Group) – Branding

Pharmacy Corporate Identity – Branding

Christmas Gift Idea – Branding & Packaging

San Grettis Signature Slices Visual Identity – Branding

Al’s Cafe – Branding

RedMob Applications – Branding

100TEE – Branding Desgin

Marcia Auzenir Makeup – Branding Desgin

Orange Hive – Branding

FF&F – Branding

Seaworthy Gallery Promotional Bag Design – 1

Seaworthy Gallery Promotional Bag Design – 2

Seaworthy Gallery Promotional Bag Design – 3

Face – Branding

OLEX Personal Identity Branding

Mikki&Mia – Branding Identity

Tommmy Boy – Identity

Pool Trade Show 2012 – Branding

Shopping Bag Design – Packaging

Print Magazine – Type treatment

TOLD BAG – Creative Design

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