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Designers should keep an eye on Web Design Trends in 2013

Web Designing is a very fast changing field. To be a good web designer one must have the knowledge of the latest trends and methods in it. The web or the internet is constantly upgrading and changing. When a web designer design’s a website, that website has to be relevant with the changing trends of the web.

There are various new trends that are capturing the market today and the web designers need to keep an eye on them. These are some of the Web Design Trends that are likely in 2013.

Responsive Web Designing

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This is probably the most important Web Design Trend of the year. This trend started out last year and will continue this year as well. Today web designers need to understand that the website will be opened on various devices that might range from a TV to a Smartphone. Responsive Web Design basically means that the website has to be designed in such a way, that it gives easy navigation and reading through a wide range of devices. The website has to be “fluid” to match any device screen.


Free Fonts

Typography was always important but in the past few months typography is gaining more importance as web designers are using hundreds of different fonts that can be easily found on the web today. So web designers need to know that having creative typography is important in designing today’s websites.

Content is King

Content is King

One of the main aspects of any website has been the content of that website. Now more than ever the stress is on good quality content for the survival and popularity of the websites.

Web Design Education and Freelancing

webdesign freelancing

Many new online and in-person programs are coming up with up to date web designing programs, being taught by them. These help in giving good Web Design education to new web designers.  Web Designers are opting for freelancing more and more now. The trend shows that designers are opting for freelancing rather than full time employment.

Simple Design and Layout

responsive web layout

The more simple the design of the website, the easier it is to navigate on it. The trend is not to use too many colors .Using just a few colors or a single color is the trend that is being followed. Use large attractive images in the website or as background.  A lot can be conveyed through large images which appeal more to the users. Overall the need is keep the website minimalistic and clean. This will be more attractive to the audiences of the website.

HTML5 and CSS3

html 5 and css 3

Most web designers are today using HTML 5 or CSS 3 to write their websites as these are emerging as favorites for the Web Designers.

Thus we see that the web designing space is evolving very rapidly and new trends keep coming up to improve and upgrade the Web Designing. So a designer needs to keep an eye out for these new trends.

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