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Photography: An indispensable art

Photography is a form of art that helps us remember and re-cherish all the beautiful moments that we have shared with our loved ones. Not everyone can be good photographer. Only difference between a painter and a photographer is that, a painter is in direct touch with his subject and the canvas, whereas a photographer is separated from his subject through a camera and from his “canvas” through computers and printers. Earlier instead of computers, it was the dark room though. Scientific aspect of photography is both overwhelming and fascinating. So much so that some of the photographers spend their whole lifetime, understanding the related scientific process. But if these techniques are learnt just for own self then it is just not enough. Countless books have been published, numerous articles and columns have been written but photography is not just about the scientific and technical learning. Of course technical learning is important but not the only thing needed. All the learning should reflect in the photography where the photograph expresses both a vision and an emotion.

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Whether it is a special occasion like marriage or day to day event, capturing the moments in the most creative way is what a good photographer offers. They are the experts in the field and take due care of the pose, light and the other photography aspect which as an individual you can miss out on. Photographs play a very important role and are an essential part of any occasion. Hire a professional photographer that can well capture these frozen moments of time with extra finesse. The market is flooded with wedding photographers and hence a very careful selection is needed. Not all of them are genuine or specialize in all types of photography like photojournalism, traditional, a mixture of both etc.


Professional photographer might charge a high end price for their services but the price charged is worth the investment and this you would realize the best when later you sit and go through the various photographs clicked. While choosing a photographer you can consider few of the criteria like experience and quality of previous works. Choose the best photographer and capture some of the awesome moments in the best possible way.

Today, with the improvement in technology, many software’s have come up that help an amateur photographer or a novice having interest in photography produce some of the best photographs. Use the photography techniques, master photography skills and join the group of best professional photographers.

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