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25 Best Things about Alexa

What is Alexa ranking?

Alexa is owned by Amazon.com. Alexa rank websites and blogs on the basis of certain factors and traffic they receive. Alexa traffic rank updates on a daily basis. Lesser rank is considered to be better.

What Is The Importance Of Alexa Ranking:

The worth of a blog is determined by numerous factors such as domain name, domain age, google page rank, blog income, etc. However, Alexa traffic rank is also one of those important factors.

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Importance Of Alexa Ranking
  1. Alexa ranking is perhaps one of the most important factor which advertisers view to make a decision regarding blog reputation.
  2. Enhanced alexa ranking is the symbol of your hard work and professionalism.
  3. Bloggers will also like to look at the alexa ranking of your blog prior to accepting your guest post initially.
  4. With a lowest alexa ranking, you can establish an authority in your niche.
  5. If you are interested in selling your blog, your buyer will make out your alexa rank for assessing the traffic.
  6. Low alexa rank assists you to sell your blog at high cost.
  7. Advertisers also notice your alexa ranking to be familiar with your traffic’s behavior with extra exposure for your site.
  8. Alexa rank is must and very helpful for blog owners who wish to monetize their blogs.
  9. Your competitor’s consciousness is mounting.
  10. A continuous rise in the client’s awareness.
  11. Alexa collects data by making use of Alexa Toolbar.
  12. Alexa Toolbar accumulates records on browsing behavior and passes it to the Alexa website, where it is reserved and analyzed, and thus forms the base for the company’s web traffic reporting.
  13. Alexa is known to offer traffic information, worldwide rankings and other data on about 30 million websites, and declares to have 6 million people visiting its website monthly.
  14. Majority of individuals have a common and popular belief that alexa counts only the number of hits from the alexa toolbar it also assembles comprehensive statistical data which consists of browser version and cookies, click stream and referrals together with time on site and click through and is not only restricted to IP address.
  15. It tags all users with a collective cookie called the “identifier” to obtain its main portion of statistical data from Third Party Analytics Company. This way traces the upcoming activities of the individual.
  16. This also works for contextual browsing data to be capable of ranking sites on the basis of relevancy to speciality and separates it from ‘random traffic’.
  17. It also comes with the facility that lets trailing of numerical facts from social bookmarking sites and third party apps for the purpose of tracking user behavior and amassed the actual reach of your site all in all and helps you optimize your hard work and costs accordingly.
  18. A plethora of ad networks and advertisers make use of the concept of Alexa ranking to judge if a website is worthy of marketing or not.
  19. The Alexa Rank of a website is very vital element as it is your ranking that completely decides whether a marketing company will offer you some ads or not.
  20. Alexa Rank is extremely useful for any individual who owns a website. In particular if you are the owner of a business website, the importance becomes additional.
  21. Alexa rank provides a clear cut analysis of the number of individuals who are visiting your website and your site’s popularity at a particular point of time.
  22. Over and above this, you are also able to get knowledge about the growing fame of your competitors.
  23. This sort of study plays a very crucial role to let you hold a strong position in the online business market. On account of this analysis, you can make a decision regarding your future course of action.
  24. Alexa Ranking is also helpful in attaining huge results. In case, you find yourself lagging behind your competitors then you have to put some serious labours. On the other hand, if you are ahead then you need to preserve the momentum. This way it helps you to take appropriate action.
  25. The Alexa toolbar can be downloaded for free. The finest thing is that it is an effortless and easy way that helps users to calculate their own traffic and check out competitors.
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