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14 High Quality FreeFonts For Designers

Freefonts for designers. You’ve just found the best place to download free fonts. As we know typography is the most essential element of any graphic design and free fonts are just like a treasure for designers. Here we have the list of high quality freefonts for you. These fonts are specially selected for Designers.

These 14 new freefonts collected is applicable for any type of graphic design, web designs, print, motion graphics, flyer design etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos and so on. I don’t need to tell you where to use those fonts, I am here to find that stuff for you! So enjoy high quality free fonts and Please let us know where you use it.

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High Quality FreeFonts For Designers

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The following fonts are free for (personal and commercial) use. Enjoy!

1. Diagona (Registration Required)

high Quality FreeFonts-1-2013

Font Download

2. HVD NEO (Registration Required)

high Quality FreeFonts-2-2013

Font Download

3. Seshat

high Quality FreeFonts-3-2013

Font Download

4. Scifly Sans

high Quality FreeFonts-4-2013

Font Download

5. Brooklyn

high Quality FreeFonts-5-2013

Font Download

6. Sanchez Slab Italic (Registration Required)

high Quality FreeFonts-6-2013

Font Download

7. Rambla

high Quality FreeFonts-7-2013

Font Download

8. Shket

high Quality FreeFonts-8-2013

Font Download

9. Figa

high Quality FreeFonts-9-2013

Font Download

10. Aldo Open

high Quality FreeFonts-10-2013

Font Download

11. Moderna

high Quality FreeFonts-11-2013

Font Download

12. Dezen Pro

high Quality FreeFonts-12-2013

Font Download

13. Slinkster (Registration Required)

high Quality FreeFonts-13-2013

Font Download

14. Winnie the Hoop (Registration Required)

high Quality FreeFonts-14-2013

Font Download

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