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HTML5 And CSS3 Are They Really Important For Web Apps?


Today, every business needs a website. If you are planning to create a visually stunning and interactive website, it is very important to use the HTML5 markup language. The effectiveness of an interactive website is enhanced when backed up by the CSS3. The same is true for the development of web applications. Before developing web applications with CSS3 and HTML5, you must know the importance of using these languages for developing website applications.

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Application Development With HTML5

Application development with HTML5

The latest version of HTMl – HTML5, adds many cool new elements to the applications that are being developed. These days it has become important for the web developers to learn and use the intricate elements of HTML5 to develop web apps and iOS-friendly sites. Did you know that Google has developed a HTML5 version of YouTube? This further encourages the developers to explore the potential of the markup language.

An interesting fact about the language is that it does not act as a large entity but rather in fragments. Developers can work smaller parts of it to create advanced and innovative web applications. Different features of HTML5 are supported in different browsers. Therefore, the developers need to assess the features of the language they should concentrate on to develop a particular website. A few of the important features of the language is listed below in brief:

  • HTML5 has an outstanding audio-video support. It makes it easy to add audio-visual elements to a website without the need of outside plug-ins.
  • Content management an editing has become important with the use of the language.
  • With the help of the language, you can create and add 2D photos in the code.
  • A great thing about using the newest version of HTML is that it allows navigation of web apps through application cache even when you are offline.

CSS3 In Web Application Development

CSS3 in web application development

Cascading Style Sheet or CSS is used by the developers to add flexibility to the presentation of a website’s content. CSS enhance the look of a site and is easy to implement than other plugins. It also increases the functionality and user-friendliness of a site. By using CSS3, a website can be made attractive, which can help to attract more number of potential customers to the website. Adding sub-menus, horizontal, hovering menus, menu designs with rounded edges, and suchlike other features can be added to a site with the use of CSS3. There are a lot of things that a developer can do to a website using CSS3. A few of those are discussed below in brief:

  • Box-shadows – The main content slide looks as if coming out or sinking into the website. There is no need for a developer to create two new images for creating the same. With CSS3, it can be done easily.
  • Text-shadows – A shadow can be provided under the HTML5 text elements to create a unique effect.
  • Addition of interesting fonts – Adding new fonts to the web apps and pages is easy and convenient with the use of CSS3.

So, you can see that with the increasing use of HTML5 and CSS3, opportunities in the web world for both the users and website owners will increase.

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