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Best Mobile App Designs for an Awesome Reading Experience


Reading is a good exercise for the brain. And when it is long hours in travel or workplace with nothing to do, reading is certainly the best medicine to heal boredom. Apps which can be installed on phones and tablets have revolutionized the world of reading. Mobile app has brought a new revolution to make your reading experience more exciting. Mobile app for reading has brought many features like magazine apps, newspaper apps and numerous books to read.

Here is a list of best mobile apps to enhance your reading experience.


kindly app

The app ‘kindle’ is designed for iPad, iPod and iPhone touch. It gives users flexibility to read anywhere, readers can read their favorite magazines; get up dated from newspaper on mobile, read textbooks and other PDF’s. Eye catching and comfortable interface with access to more than 1 million books are ought to be tried. Amazon Whisper sync gets automatically updated, and syncs with your last page read, notes and book marks.

Stanza for eBook Readers

Stanza for eBook Readers

You can use stanza on your iPod touch, iPhone and also on iPad. This is new digital book- revolution providing your best reading experience. From Stanza you can download your favorite book for free, there are many free books available, you will get a lot of free content to read, thousands of free- titles to choose. Stanza is best for the avid reader and ideal for night reading. Easy and clear interface gives perfect reading experience. Here, you can select your favorite book public domain book store.

Google Play Book

Google Play Book

Google Play Book offers you countless books of millions of authors. You can get updated library with new releases, best sellers, upcoming author books and many free books. This is very efficient for night readers, eBook readers. Its page turning experience gives great reading experience, and you do not hassle while going to another page, therefore promising easy reading. Also, public domain book gives you better reading experience from wide collections of books stored in it.


kobo app

From kobo, you can download hundreds of free eBooks app. You can view thousands of affordable books for free. Collections of kobo is worth watching because it has a collection of oldies to hottest new- releases. Choice of the book is one of the leading point of kobo giving you spellbound reading experience.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader app

When it comes to eBook applications, Aldiko Book Reader is the first choice of a reader, it is so because Aldiko offers you easy download of eBooks and great file supporting system give you freedom of read more books of different formats. It is the best eBook reader with customization options, pinch zoom feature, reader applications, night mode and many more.

Moon + Reader

Moon Reader app

Moon reader is the next best thing that can happen to your reading experience. This app offers you full functions and powerful controls. You can read thousands of eBooks that are absolutely free, it also supports eBook libraries online. You can smoothly scroll thousands of books. Moon reader is a fabulous supporter, i.e. it supports almost ever formats like txt, epub, umd, html, rar, cbz, cbr, OPDS and other key features. It also supports multi- window mode and its cute themes enhance your reading experience.


Readability -app

It is best platform to read online. You can save your articles, you can continue reading with what you left before. It is the best reading experience you can have. Its elegant interface and stylish look give eye catching effect.

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