Importance of User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

Importance of User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)
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The actual fact of User Interface (UI) as well as User Experience (UX) is that both UI/UX are the two sides of the same coin. Both are keeping up the relationship between the users and their products.  The User Interface (UI) describes the dealing with the as well as and the products, while another, the user experience (UX) is dealing with the user’s experience and the observation of the products. Moreover, simply saying, the User Interface (UI) deals with technical as well as formal features of a site and the user experience (UX) is dealing with the understanding and response to the user.

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User Interface (UI) Testing:

The User Interface (UI) needs to notice how the customers will find the way and act together with a site and the most important thing is to know their experiences and reactions. To calculate the success of the website, it is important to know the aspects of testing in the customers and product areas both.  The positive criticism of the website will make the attention of the search engine, gains more attraction, get more traffic and in the end good business.

User Interface (UI) testing normally involves testing the performance of the website. Testing involves with different variable and different measurements, even supposing both subjects are similar and much related to each other. For Example let’s know the performance and also be acquainted with the steps for a visitor to go from one point to another, or find out how much time a user spend out and how the website will work. The UI testing as well involves the website loading speed, the site is working properly or not and all the button and keys are functioning properly or not. Testing UI is very essential, quantitative, formal as well as a significant part of designing and developing a site.

User Experience (UX) Testing:

Another qualitative aspect testing of a website is User Experience (UX) testing. To create a successful website, user experience and usability is very much imperative. Running your own user tests to find out how your users will interact with your website and are there any problem that might arise is completely possible.

It eventually deals with marketability of a website for business growth. UX involves observing the target market of your website, their reactions, approach, and thoughts about the website. The most significant question is that if your website can generate a good experience for your customers or not. An enhanced user experience, unnecessary to say, enhances efficiency, contentment, and rummage sales.

When developing a website for your customers both UI/UX testing are very essential and if you would like to look forward, a well designed UI can produce a good user experience (UX).  If your website user fixes the frame of mind for a pleasing experience, it can produce a well designed UI. As you can see there are plenty of great options out there for building an outstanding good website without spending a fortune on user experience testing. These are some useful facts to create traffic to your website that will ensure your users achieve their goals.

Creative UI Design Examples for Amazing UX

UX (User Experience) is all those elements and factors related to the user’s interaction with a particular environment or device which generate a positive or negative perception of the product, brand or device. UX is subjective and focused on use.

The standard definition of UX is “a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service”.

Here is the some cool examples of Interaction Design, UI/UX. Enjoy

Twitter iPad UI/UX Concept


Discovery Channel UI/UX Concept


iPhone Music App. Concept


Fancy Spinner Wheel UI/UX Concept


Weather Tile App Graphic Design UI/UX


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Comments to Importance of User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

Mars Apr 9, 2013

UX is like the make up of a woman that attracts interaction

BjonkDesign Apr 9, 2013

Thanks for displaying my work!

Cara Apr 9, 2013

UI/UX has become even more critical in the sense that it can lead to great conversions or even hinder them. From navigating on the website to checking out, each step ought to be as simple as possible for a commendable user experience.

Design Apr 15, 2013

Interesting analogy by Mars, haha. UX is fairly critical though. It can make or break a website/app.

Maxi Candel Apr 18, 2013

Hi Naveed,
Great post. Thanks for the information, I think UI/UX will play a important role in seo. please share more on this topic. thanks

Designxon Apr 18, 2013

UI and UX terminology is a simple way to facilitate quality work and communication, friendly design and better user experience. As a designer I love this new trend. thanks for the great words.

Yasir Jawaid Apr 18, 2013

No doubt, UI and UX are growing very fast. Designxon i’m agree with you, UI vs UX designers is really important, because they will make your web design mature.

Sagar Sutar Dec 27, 2013

Thanks for nice article. UI and UX are really important now a days. But UX is really vast term than UI. There are people who consider UI and UX are similar. Thanks for differentiating these terms.

Harish Sharma Jan 12, 2015

Very nice article

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