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What Is Free And Paid E-Mail Hosting?


Email hosting services basically run email servers that provide you with premium services of email is you have to pay a fee in contrast with free email that is maintained by advertising. Premium email offers a certain level of specialized care and services, many companies first give their users a basic version, which is supported by advertising with an option to later upgrade to the premium version.

The question that arises is why pay for email services while you can get it for free? While many people prefer to use email services like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, email hosting companies had to find a way to survive.  Well, the first thing is that all advertisements are removed, that is no annoying pop-ups. There is also the added advantage of increased storage, back-up recovery and virus scanning. There is support staff (human) in the paid version while the free version is an automatic support system. The paid version provides numerous benefits to small to big-sized companies who have their own email services and want it to operate smoothly without having their individual email server. In this regard 123 -reg is the best option because it is providing trustworthy email service to companies and organizations. Normally, bigger corporations maintain their own email servers using Microsoft Exchange. Hosting providers also provide additional services like domain name and the type of email authentication scheme that the user wishes to implement in order to identify and qualify email senders. Different email hosting companies offer varying services on customs email platforms.

Email hosting comes either as part of the services of a web hosting company or as an additional service, this does not lessen the importance of email hosting form a business point of view.  Web hosting companies provide an additional service of email hosting that manages separate servers to facilitate the flow of emails. There are a number of companies it economically feasible to use these services of web hosting companies. Paid email hosting services provide top- notch security services that can be customized to suit the organizations needs. Also the domain name is the name of your company; this provides an impression that your organization is superior and therefore will not hurt your brand.


Most email hosting services look the same on the outside, so how do choose what’s best for you, here are some factors to be kept in mind: – firstly, we have to consider IMAP/POP and SMTP Access this is the email access given to you by your provider, while IMAP and POP are the protocols that you use to read email, SMTP is used for sending email. Your provider should also give you enough flexibility to configure email. Next thing to be considered is webmail access which enables you to access email on the go on laptops, smart phones, public computers if you cannot access email on your corporate account for some reason. Winner of acclaimed awards like PC Pro and Best Small Business Service Provider of 2010 and a proud member of Host Europe Group, 123 – reg is the best solution in this regard.

Next is to ensure that you can filter you email, so you can choose the important ones for the bulk using preset rules. Security is a big factor, you will need spam filtering, firewalls, anti-virus for problem-free operation. We then move on to auto-res-ponders, a system that automatically responds to email received, how many res-ponders and whether they can be setup or not is another thing that sets apart a good email hosting service from the rest. Other features include things like setting up email aliases, email distribution lists, marketing features etc. Precautions to keep in mind, reading the fine print to find hidden costs, if any, compare features, pricing schemes, configuration details, cheap costs should be because of a direct benefit of scale and not just simply cutting corners.


One such company is 123 – reg, a small but smart little company that believes in quality, not quantity. At unbelievable rates, many small companies will love their superior web hosting and email hosting services– there is also a ‘how-to’ guide that shows you how to use and incorporate social-media, create your own website, and account guides if e-commerce is new to you. You can pay for their services using trusted portals like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and DirectDebit.

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