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Important things concerning The Site Slinger

Whether you are a designer, a developer or you have a small business, you should definitely learn more about The Site Slinger. These days having a website that would represent your business is essential for its growth. But, if you don’t know much as far as coding is concerned you will totally require some help. Well, these guys are able to turn your PSD to HTML which is why it could prove to be the answer to your questions. To begin with this will definitely help you ease your job and focus on your business, and as a result your company will flourish and expand.


If you are curious to learn more about its history, then you should know that The Site Slinger has been coding since 2009, led by Connor Hood and Nate McGuire. They are based in the Capital Factory in Austin, Texas. Regarding their service offerings they could help you by transforming PSD into HTML, PSD into Responsive and PSD into WordPress sites. Besides that this tool uses the latest HTML5 trends and includes all basic jQuery animations at no extra charge, which is quite a novelty. When it comes to the support service there are real developers in the US one could talk to, via chat, e-mail or phone. And as far as delivery is concerned there are three options one could choose from: the three day, the five day and the next day delivery. It all depends on your budget and deadlines.


Because the word budget was mentioned, it is about time we talked about money. Prices start from $169 per page and could go up to $289 per page. These could go up and down depending on the delivery option you have chosen, for instance if you have picked the three day delivery plan you will have to pay $199 per page.


The ordering process is extremely simple. To begin with you will get started for free: just upload your designs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Firework or Indesign files) and one of the web developers will review them. Two working hours later you will also receive a quote. Further on it is very important to communicate with the web developer, in order to inform him or her about all of your requirements. And last but not least you will send the payment, you will receive your files (on the delivery date requested) and you will review their work.

Having learnt so much about their history, their services and the ordering process all you are left to do is to have a look at some examples of their projects. Because they use only the latest technology, from HTML5 to Twitter Bootstrap, their code is clear, organized and well commented. Therefore, this is the last detail that will definitely convince you to pick GraphicDesignBoom.

So, it is totally worth it to pick this tool, in order to get your website live, because as you can see it is reliable, fast, secure, and it has plenty of advantages. Stop neglecting your business and put this task in the hands of the professionals.

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