30 Modern Packaging Design Examples For Inspiration

30 Modern Packaging Design Examples For Inspiration
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Effective and creative packaging design can make a big impact to increase awareness and sales in modern world. Modern packaging is the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.  Technology was involved in a long term packaging strategy project developing the visual identity in any category. When you need to get a lot of attention for little money, make eye-catching, attractive, modern packaging design of your product.

In this post we are gathered a showcase 30 modern packaging ideas, packaging concepts and packaging design examples for  inspiration. So enjoy the inspiring designs and let us know by commenting below:

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Creative Packaging Design Ideas & Concepts

Excellent product research is key to any packaging design. Sussing out your competitors, their income, their resources spent and finding out the consumer opinion on these packaging design is essential. Only once you have all of this information at the tips of your fingers, can you let yourself design to your hearts content.

Boots & Barkley

A rebranding and packaging system for a house brand, specialty line of dog care products.

Cafe Latte Alpina

Rice Packaging

Dans la matiere

Making packaging lunch box for about typography typography and binding material. Print on cardstock. January 2013.

EarthLite Lightbulb Packaging

X-mini Capsule Speakers

For the Packaging Design module, we were asked to select a local brand to repackage. We chose the X-mini, a brand which most people would not associate with Singapore. For the concept, we looked at X-mini’s target audience, which was youths who were into extreme sports and music. We were inspired by the letter ‘X’, which had multiple symbolisms to it: the ‘X-factor’ & ‘X-treme’, and we felt that the shape of the X had good structural potential.

Bite Mite

Bite Mite is a food brand that promotes the eating of insects. Its vision is to merge the modern world with nature and to raise awareness of the forgotten practice of entomophagy within the western world.

Markiz Patisserie – Packaging Design

Té: El Ocho Creative Packaging Design

Aroma Soap Packaging Design

Beautiful soap packging design

Landor Ice Cream – Eureka!

The brief was to brand a new ice cream which is both indulgent and healthy for you, using unique ingredients from Brazil.

The Packaging concept was the approach that if the ice cream is both indulgent and healthy, it must have been made in a clever way and so I looked at the graphic language asscociated with the science of ice cream. The pattern applied to the packaging is based on the molecular structure of ice. By tasting the ice cream you have your very own Eureka moment.

Print Online Ad Compaign & Packaging – KRUMBACH

Team Brownie

Ubatuba Coffee – Packaging design

Pattern used for packaging. It is a picture taken in Ubatuba, here transformed into pixels, so that it would remind sand, summer and good mood. Colours are brownish, so that at first glance you would think about coffee.

Le Bleu Lait

Bomb Bulb – Amazing Packaging Design

A package design meant to be more urban and hip than your aveage light bulb package.

Bottle design competition

Absolut Moscow Limited Edition

The bottle is designed to make Absolut closer and more appealing to Russian consumers by presenting Russian culture codes in new, creative ways, the bottle celebrates the revivalism of traditional Russian culture. Beautiful, traditional architecture, collected from several parts of Moscow, are contrasted with a glimpse of Russia’s future.”


Jaw Drop Coolers

Sucking Lemons, Biting Oranges, Puckering Punch, Squeezing Melons, Licking Limes … Jaw Drop Vodka Coolers. Brand Strategy, Packaging Design and Product Naming by Brandever.

GODIVA for Istanbul Collection

Peppersmith Tingz

Recognising the need to appeal to kids’ sense of fun over the long term, our team created a compelling brand world with real depth and potential, starring a pair of hairy monsters, Bowie and Floyd. At the same time, it was vital to reassure adults about the sweets’ healthy qualities, so our packaging relies on the monsters’ mouths, highlighting dental health in a fun and clever way. We’ve even created interactive SRPs that use the monsters’ mouths to dispense the bags.

The tingz brand world comes vividly to life beyond the pack, with a website and booklets that tell the back-stories of our monsters and their forest friends, and we’ve created trade show stands and marketing materials too.

McDonough Farm

McDonough Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in San Antonio, Texas. The brand identity and packaging are a true reflection of the farm’s values- pure, honest, and organic.


It’s good to be a man. It’s also good to have a clean-shaved face. However, it’s no good forcing yourself to shave every single day. Cause it may seem boring. For those who got sick of their shaving routine, we made this amazing shaving-brush called Brushman.

Fashion Eyeglasses

Tthere are many fashion items as people are more interested in trends and fashion. Out of all the items,what my designed is a package-design for fashion glasses, this package-design for glasses which is not for improving vision but for fashion is going to attract all the attentions from people of all ages.

Alemagna Easter 2013

The new range of Colomba cakes is available in various packagings, from traditional “hand-wrapped” to the modern “shopping bag”. Pink and light blue are the colours chosen for Easter 2013: two delicate nuances which evoke the beauty and the freshness of spring.

Woolfiller Ecopack

Woolfiller repairs holes and hides stains in woolen jumpers, cardigans, jackets, carpets … by embracing the specific character of wool. We started with expanding the target to attract a younger public. This was done by introducing a ‘Pimp It Yourself (PIY)’ culture along with the ‘repair’ culture. The customer can personalize their clothes using the Woolfiller method.

Cat’s Lunch

Cats addiction to mice has a physiological explanation: there are a lot of sulfur in wool of mouse, which is just necessary to cats, to be not bald. Our sausage imitates mouse by the balance of protein / fat / carbohydrate, which I reflected in the design. Sausage stick has 7 pieces. Each piece is separated by perforation of the package and visual design strips.

Coffee Depot / packaging

Wine Label Concept

The other aspect of the designing was to create the unity of the label and the bottle.I wanted the bottle design to be a part of the treat of drinking wine, that’s why i chose the full bottle design instead of a classic label form. This way, the bottle also becomes a part of enjoying the wine. It creates a personal experience as the drinker holds and turn the bottle around while having a chat.

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Comments to 30 Modern Packaging Design Examples For Inspiration

Vitor May 14, 2013

Have you seen Vida & Caffe design? Great.

Sandeep Goyal May 14, 2013

I have never seen such kind of design and packaging. It really looks amazing and wonderful. Thank you for posting such a nice artwork along with packaging.

santhapriyan May 22, 2013


Its good to see these kind of packaging products. Iam also working for sunbranding in india.


Surekha Chaudhari Jun 18, 2013

Indeed beautiful and amazing packaging designs.. Hey Muhammad you can surely find some more creative Absolut bottle packaging and advertising to share on net.Thank you for posting sharing this design collection.

Bilal Jan 7, 2015

wonderful staff, i’m loving them all keep updating, what a Awesome designs
Thanks for sharing

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