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15 Superb jQuery Plugins for Web Designers and Developers


The jQuery developer community has to be one of the most wonderful programmers community of hardworking people on the web. They’re constantly churning out amazingly useful and completely free plugins and libraries that they share with anyone and everyone who wants to use them.

jQuery plugins are very useful for web designers & developers. jQuery plugins can save lots of time on any web or mobile apps project. I really thankful to jQuery developers who give us fresh plugin day by day which are really helpful to make web apps more effectively and friendly.

In this post, you will find a collection of 15 Superb jQuery plugins and libraries that, when applied with good measure, can make your sites a joy to use.

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Useful jQuery Plugins For Designers & Developers

Today’s we are selected useful jQuery plugins which can help to develop your projects faster and easier. This is not a big list, but you can find some useful plugins for your projects, the plugins are jQuery sliders, image galleries, user interface, jquery scrolling, jquery notification, web contact forms, modal windows and many other plugins collected all in one place.

1. Least.js: Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Gallery with Lazy Loading

Least.js is a jQuery image gallery that can display images in a Pinterest-like layout. The images are displayed from an unordered list where their order is randomized on each load.

Demo Download

2. jQuery.Pin: Easily Make Your Side Navigation Stick

Ever wanted to pin something to the side of a text? Ever needed a subtle sticky element to quietly hang around as you scroll down?
Jquery.Pin is here to help! Pin any element to the top of a container. Easily disable it for smaller screen-sizes where there’s no room for that kind of shenanigans.

Demo Download

3.Mmenu: Sliding Menus for Web & Apps with jQuery

jQuery.mmenu is a slick plugin that brings the same behavior into any -mobile- web layout. It transforms unordered lists with unlimited sub-lists into menu items and has multiple options for customization.

Demo Download

4. Scroller: A jQuery Plugin For Changing Your Default Browser Scrollbars

Scroller is a bare bones option for completely custom scrollbars that retain a native feel. The scrollbar can be styled using basic CSS and will fall back to the standard browser chrome if JavaScript is disabled. If you find most scrollbar replacements too bloated or convoluted for basic applications, Scroller is the answer.

Demo Download

5. Audio Player: Responsive HTML5 and Touch-Friendly Player

AudioPlayer.js is a jQuery plugin for quickly placing a HTML5-powered audio player to any web page. The player’s interface is chic (doesn’t use any images for that), has a responsive layout and touch support.

Demo Download

6. Pronto: A jQuery Plugin for Increases Your Website Loading Time

Pronto is a new way of thinking about assembling a site and may not make sense at first. But don’t worry, the small amount of initial setup is well worth the pay off durring the browsing experience. If you’re clicking around this site in a browser with HTML5 support, you should notice minimal page flash and quick page loads. Or, check out the console to monitor the Pronto calls and responses when navigating.

Demo Download

7. phpFreeChat: Open Source PHP Chat Script

phpFreeChat is a free and open source PHP chat application that doesn’t require any database to run but rather uses the filesystem for it.

It can be used at the same time by any number of users, has a responsive layout that works in mobile too and has a modular authentication system which can be integrated into any app.

Demo Download

8. noUiSlider: Beautiful Range Slider jQuery Plugin

noUiSlider, is the lightweight signle or double range slider with max/min values. There is support for single or double handles, custom starting values, vertical/horizontal orientation and the ability to get /set values. it works on touch devices and can be customized with CSS completely. Just a perfect widget for any UI.

Demo Download

9. Windows: Full-Screen Scrolling Window with jQuery

Windows is a lightweight jQuery plugin for easily and nicely scrolling the full-screen. It provides a simple and handy API for managing the page/content position to ease the browsing experience.

Demo Download

10. MixItUp: CSS3 and jQuery Plugin for Filtering and Sorting Items

MixItUp is a light-weight but powerful jQuery plugin that provides beautiful animated filtering and sorting of categorized and ordered content. It plays nice with your existing HTML and CSS, making it a great choice for fluid, responsive layouts. It’s perfect for portfolios, galleries, blogs, or any categorized or ordered content!

Demo Download

11. Editr: HTML, CSS and JS playground Editor

Editr is a simple and self-hosted app (that doesn’t use any server-side code) for creating a similar interface for editing/improving and sharing any HTML-CSS-JS projects. Sharing can be done by simply embedding an instance on it (this is done with jQuery) to any web page.

Demo Download

12. Flexisel: Responsive Carousel jQuery Plugin

Flexisel is a jQuery carousel plugin that works well on screen sizes down-to-mobile. It has settings for enabling autoplay, defining the animation speed and stopping on hover or not.

The standard layout of Flexisel adapts to different screen sizes but also, the plugin provides an option to customize the “number of visible items” for the screen sizes preferred which offers a great experience for users.

Demo Download

13. FLEXNAV: A jQuery Plugin for Responsive Menus

FlexNav is another FlexNav is another jQuery plugin for easily handling menus in responsive layouts and it does that well for complex ones too. and it does that well for complex ones too. The mock navigation you see above is a mobile-first example of using media queries and javascript to make a decent site menu with drop downs. Special attention is paid to touch screens using touch events with tap targets (the key feature of FlexNav).

Demo Download

14. jQuery Picture: A jQuery Plugin For Responsive Images

jQuery Picture is a tiny (2kb) jQuery plugin for the framework, to add support for responsive images to your layouts. It supports both <figure> elements with some custom data attributes and the new proposed picture format. This plugin will be made redundant when the format is approved and implemented by browsers.

Demo Download

15. jQuery.Shapeshift: Pinterest-Like Dynamic Grids With Drag & Drops Features

jQuery.Shapeshift is a strong alternative to them with an an extra touch: the items can be drag & dropped (uses jQuery UI). The drag & drop doesn’t effect the grid negatively as the grid auto-fills the gaps when needed. It also works on touch devices and responsive layouts.

Demo Download

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