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Flat Designs and Long Shadows Design

Flat user interface design has been very popular with designers in the last few years. Flat design became popular because it is not chaotic and has a minimalistic approach towards the design. Flat designing removes all the extra elements and features in a web design like graphics, sounds, gradients, 3D elements, shadows and effects that can make a webpage look crowded and unappealing. Flat Designs for user interface are excellent for web pages where the users are not interested much in the aesthetic but in the use of the webpage.

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More about Flat Designing

Flat designing adopts a minimalistic approach. The examples will give the readers a clearer idea about Flat UI design. Many weather apps use Flat UI design. They give the basic details of the weather of the region in bold large letters and numbers.  These weather apps do not have sounds or graphic elements that will take away the attention of the reader from the information that they provide. The information is bold and the weather app page is minimalistic and clean. This non chaotic approach gives the reader the information in a straightforward user interface design. Gaming apps especially word game apps, calendars, weather sites and email websites commonly use Flat UI designs as this minimalistic approach towards web design is ideal to give customers information in a straightforward way.

Long Shadows

Nowadays even more popular than Flat UI design is Long Shadows. Long Shadows design is becoming increasingly popular these days and is one of the newest trends that are being used by many designers. Long Shadows design is sort of an extension or the next step after Flat UI design. While still maintaining the basic aesthetic of Flat UI design what Long Shadows design does is it maintains the flat look of the design while giving it a depth with the help of long shadows. The designers often do this long shadow design by creating a shadow behind the icons. This is typically a 45 degrees angle shadow that extends beyond the length of a regular shadow. By doing this for the icons or logos there is a depth given to the design.  Long Shadows design however is not an independent design but a new element or development in the world of Flat UI Design.

As Long Shadows design is becoming increasingly popular, designers who like to use the popular Flat user interface option to create a minimalistic yet appealing user interface design for the web pages are opting to use Lang Shadows design as a part of the over Flat design concept for their web pages. Long Shadows design is especially ideal as mentioned for bold icons and logos that the designers want to highlight in the design. By using Long shadows designs for these logos and icons gives a depth in the design and attention is drawn towards these logos and icons.

Flat User interface design is very popular but the trend today is to use the Long Shadows design as well as the Flat Design for web pages.

Check the beautiful examples of Long Shadow Design:

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