30 Free Flat Design Resources For Designers

30 Free Flat Design Resources For Designers
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Flat design became popular because it is not chaotic and has a minimalistic approach towards the design. Flat designing removes all the extra elements and features in a web design like graphics, sounds, gradients, 3D elements, shadows and effects that can make a design look crowded and unappealing. Flat Designs for user interface are excellent for web pages and apps where the users are not interested much in the aesthetic but in the use of the webpage or app.

In this post we have gathered 30 free flat design psd files which are useful for designers. All the these flat Psd files are created by professional graphic designers who can join web’s biggest platforms from all over the web.

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Free Flat Design PSD Files For Designers

Flat designing adopts a minimalistic approach. The examples will give the readers a clearer idea about Flat UI design. Many websites and apps use Flat UI design. Flat User interface design is very popular but the trend today is to use the Long Shadows design as well as the Flat Design for web pages.

1. Free Activity feed with PSD by Dawid M?ynarz

2. Free Flat Vector Icons by MediaLoot

3. iPhone Front View (fireworks Vector) by Can Yigit

4. FlexIcons Free PSD by Sergey Azovskiy

5. Social network flat style header by Zoltan Mitlik

6. Message Widget by Mircu Razvan

7. Boldy, Minimal one-page Portfolio by MediaLoot

8. PSD & CSS Button State Workfiles by Seth Coelen

9. Camera And Video Camera Icons by Azis Hertanto

10. Flat Tabbed Content Freebie by Fuxxo Works

11. Flat Devices by Arcangelo Fiore

12. Free Flat UI Kit by Enes Dan??

13. Flattastic Free by Vlade Dimovski

14. 24 Free Skinny Icons by Riley Tippetts

15. Calm – Free Creative Simple Portfolio & Blog PSD by Salah Elimam

16. Acrostia – free one page PSD by Dimitar Tsankov

17. Login Dialog Freebie by Barbara

18. Gmarellile Flat Icons Free by Mongi Ayouni [Gmar]

19. FREE User Interface / IU kit with Cold Colors .PSD by RR

20. Flat Web Elements .PSD by R.R

21. 45 Long Shadow Social Media Icons (Free Psd) by Hakan Ertan

22. PSD – Color Picker by Dave Keller

23. Sign in – Flat design – Free PSD by Faure benjamin

24. Gmarellile Flat Long Shadow Icons Collections by Mongi Ayouni

25. Music App History Screen by Dave Keller

26. Freebie .psd – Code Editor – Light by Dave Keller

27. Color Picker UI (FREE PSD) by Bluroon

28. iOS UI Kit Freebie by Christoph Gromer

29. Musicplayer with PSD by Jeroen Hofman

30. 15 free flat devices by Daniel Chitu

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Loc_rabbirt Jul 30, 2013

great post, tks you for article

Aggelos Jul 30, 2013

Really nice article with freebies, i liked the long shadow icons.

Thank you!!!

Muhammad Faisal Jul 31, 2013

Thanks @Aggelos.

John Aug 1, 2013

Great roundup, I really like flat design!

laeeq Aug 3, 2013

Really nice article with freebies…Thanks!

Zidane Feb 6, 2014

Great roundup, I really like flat design!

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