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Social Media Marketing – Good or Bad

In the last few years many people across the world have joined various social media websites to either express their opinions or to stay in touch with friends and family. Many internet users today have accounts on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Using social media to advertise market products, services, individuals, brands or even social causes is called social media marketing. Social media marketing is part of the marketing strategy of most business entities today. So is social media marketing good or bad?

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Positive Aspects of Social Media Marketing

Positive social media marketing
  • Social media helps businesses reach a large number of target audiences. It is a sort of word of mouth marketing where people spread information of the business on social networks. They “like” or endorse products and “share” information about products or services with their friends and family. This is a cost effective way of marketing.
  •  Many social networking sites also provide ad space which can be targeted towards the users with interests relating to the product or service. It is a great way to spread brand awareness
  • Almost all major musicians, artists and celebrities promote their art through social media today and also it is easy for them to directly interact with fans.
  • It’s a great place to get feedback from customers and get to know what the customers want. The businesses also get a better idea about the customers.

Negative Aspects of Social Media Marketing

Negative social media marketing
  • The major risk in social media marketing is a negative feedback. Feedbacks are often public and a negative feedback will scare away customers. Moreover if a negative comment is made on a product or brand and many people build on that comment, it can lead to failure of the product as the negative sentiment can spread fast on social networking sites. The brand becomes open to criticism as many people get a chance and platform to criticize the brand.
  • Sometimes in social media marketing there are many people talking about the features and message of the brand. This can dilute the core brand message and can lead to confusion regarding the brand.
  • Social Media Marketing is a small part of the overall marketing plan and it is very difficult to market anything only with the help of social media marketing.

There is both positive as well as negative side of social media marketing, but it is an important part of marketing strategies today.

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