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User Experience & Search Engine Optimization


Web site designing is an art and for a web page or website to be successful there are many elements that a designer and owner of the website must get right. When all these elements work together you have a successful and popular web presence on the internet. Two of the key elements of website designing are User Experience Design and Search Engine Optimization. These two elements are keys to get the readers interested in the website and make it successful. They must work harmoniously together in order to make the website popular on the internet. Let us see what User Experience or UX and Search Engine Optimization or SEO are all about.

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User Experience (UX)

UX Design

Basically UX mean user experience. UX design includes everything behind the scenes aspect that makes the product more users friendly. This means that the user experience design helps design a product that tends to both the customer’s needs as well as the idea and needs of the business involved in making this product. User experience is creating an “experience” for the customer and making the product in such a way that it is attractive to the customer. User Experience is an important part of a product life cycle and a User Experience designer’s primary goal is to help the company make profitable product based on their initial product idea and what the customer in the market is looking for. They try and find out what the customers are looking for through surveys and market research methods.

UX Design is often used when it comes to software or computer related products. User experience in this context refers to the appeal a website or an app or a computer software or system may have to human beings. User experience design helps in improving the efficiency of the system as well as making the experience of the user opting for the website or app to get value from the experience. For example a UX design helps design a website that is easy to use and that gives utility and creates an appeal for the people that visit the website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and UX

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a group of techniques used in order to help the website feature more prominently or in the top search result on a search engine on the internet. This helps increase the visibility of the website and in turn helps the website get more visitors and generate more revenue. Search Engine Optimization is the term used for unpaid or natural ways in which website appears in a higher rank in the search results list.

This is done by getting the website at a higher rank in search engine results list on specific keywords or terms that are related to the website and its content. Every website must opt for search engine optimization techniques so that they can make their website more popular and visible among target audiences of the website. Search Engine Optimization is a great internet marketing tool that is used by most websites nowadays.

There are many methods that are used in search engine optimization. Editing the content to make it more SEO friendly is a method that is popularly used. Other methods include removing barriers, indexing activities, preventing crawlers and increasing the number of backlinks or inbound links of the website. SEO is important because even if the website is fabulous without proper marketing and visibility it is difficult for it to be successful.

This is how User Experience UX and Search Engine Optimization SEO are very important elements for the success of a website.

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