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Professional Website Design Reinvented with Webydo and Our Readers Will Enjoy a Special Offer


As websites became more and more complex, the necessity for coding knowledge increased exponentially in the last years.

During the first days of the internet websites were quite simplistic. All you needed was HTML and a text editor. Then Javascript and CSS added to the mix.

Today besides those, you will also need to know the new HTML5 API, an AJAX library like jQuery, a web programming language like PHP and a database backend like MySql, and of course the inner workings of the CMS of your choice like WordPress or Joomla etc. And that’s really awesome (if you are a developer). Coding is the programmer’s domain and the best person to create code is and always has been a developer.

But being a developer alone can’t create a stunning modern website. See, end users never interact with the code. They don’t care if it’s well written or efficient or super optimized as long as it works fast. They don’t see the fancy algorithms that power the website. They just see the design. And design is a visual art and the best person to create is and always has been a designer.

That led to a very frustrating problem for both developers and designers, who had to either to team up or vastly expand their professional skills in order to survive independently; creating the profession of the web designer.

Even for most web designers, the extensive requirement for coding skills still remains a problem.

The solution to this problem and many more comes to us from Webydo. Webydo is more than just a website builder; not only it enable us to create websites without writing a single line of code, but also solve many of the daily problems we face as web designers.

Go and register for your free account in Webydo, and let’s dive in to see what the platform can offer us in detail!

Manage all your websites from a central place (this section should be 1st; before the “Design professionally without writing code” section)

You can design, manage and host as many websites as you like on Webydo’s sub-domain, along with reasonably priced Premium plans for hosting on domain for your clients. We’ll get to those later on, but the important part is that all the websites we manage are neatly gathered in one and organized dashboard.

From there we have an overview of every site we manage through Webydo. We can use the dashboard to create new websites, edit existing ones and duplicate websites to use as editable inspirations. We can manage and update the content. And after one of the latest update we can also bill our clients directly through there and get paid for all our hard work!

Manage your websites

From our dashboard we can also set up CMS accounts and give access to our clients to manage and update their website by themselves or preview the website while it’s still under construction to get feedback from them. The CMS accounts have restricted access so they can’t mess with layout or other important settings. They can only update the content that you allow them to.

All the editing takes place in a WYSIWYG editor where they can change images and videos and easily replace or update texts. These changes get live immediately after hitting the publish button.

Additional options in the dashboard include the “Branding” tab where we can customize our login page so that it has our own branding elements. And the “Share” tab through which we can allow others to create a new websites under our own account.

Design professionally without writing code

With Webydo’s website creator you can drag and drop elements, design your website visually and simply click publish to make the website live on the internet, enjoying immediately advanced cloud hosting. All the pesky code is generated for you automatically.

We can choose if we’ll start our design project with a blank canvas, an empty layout template or a ready design that we can then customize to suit our needs. At this time, there are couple of dozens of professional websites designs and 4 basic empty layouts to help you start fast.

Design professional website without code

Within the editor we can control visually all site wide options. Set the website width, the alignment of the content frame if the browser viewport has bigger resolution, set the page background, use custom color styles, and also set the favicon, all from a single window!

The available elements are really all you need. You can add menus, shapes, images, texts, video and flash elements, forms and slider galleries. We can also extend our site functionality by adding code snippets through the widget element. This is particularly helpful to integrate

Google maps, or sharing buttons etc. Positioning and scaling are all done with click and drag.

Google map on website

Webydo provides us with really solid control of our website’s typography. Not only we can choose among a multitude of web fonts to use, but we also get several tools to format our text professionally.

website design formatting

Additionally, we have extra tools for setting up custom grids and rulers, thus enabling us to achieve pixel to pixel accuracy in our designs.

Finally we can easily manage our website pages and we have some very interesting options like duplicating them, adding SEO descriptions and setting whether they’ll be visible on the menu or not.

Cost and time efficiency

You no longer have to look for a new host for every client, go through a new registration and setting up of your ftp client.

Cost time efficiency

You can host and publish unlimited websites on Webydo’s sub-domain for free. On the free plan each of our websites can have up to 15 pages, utilize unlimited bandwidth and get 1GB of storage space.

When your client’s site is ready to be published on its own domain, you can get
a Premium Plan for your site. With the premium plan we can use our own domain name, have unlimited pages and CMS users, unlimited bandwidth and 2GB of storage space as well as premium support. The yearly cost is roughly $7.90/month including a 14 days money back guarantee.

An awesome community

You can join yourself in the Webydo community and from there suggest new features, report bugs, and vote to prioritize which feature will be developed first. Your voice has power and your participation shape the future versions of the product. Webydo is truly a product made by designers for designers!

Community designers for designers

Final Words

As you can see Webydo is more than a website creator. We can finally see our design in action and be in charge of the whole website production process from start to finish. No technical worries and time wasted on finding a host, no frustration of how to code our vision, no chaos managing and updating multiple websites.

Best of all, we are giving out huge coupons for Webydo’s Premium Plans. Now you can save 69% when you upgrade your plan.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up and register with Webydo (this should only take you a 6 seconds)

2. Comment on this post – tell us the general idea of what your first Webydo site will be.

3. Webydo’s Community Manager, Jackie, will email you directly with a coupon for 69% off your next Webydo upgrade.

It couldn’t be much easier than that – so what are you waiting for? It’s time to start using Webydo!

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