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Responsive One Page Website Designs: 32 Examples

Beautiful and inspiring examples of responsive, one page website designs. Modern single page web design is perfect for showcasing your work in a professional way. Now a day one page websites are using for business, as a portfolio or a personal pages.

Single page web design became a trend in last couple of years, mostly among designer and developers sites because one page of web design is perfect for a portfolio. A Single page website designs also know as “One page website” more info ever need than a multiple pages website. Single page website is one that fits on a single page. Single page websites are fully loaded in the initial page load or page zones are replaced with new page fragments loaded from server on demand, making the experience more continuous and fluid for the user.

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Responsive Single Page Website Designs

In this post you will find a variety of flat design, responsive and inspirational one page website designs which is following the same trend of web designs. The main purpose here is to stimulate your creativity and to inspire your imagination to create your own design trend because your website represents you and your brand.

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How Much To Make An App

A brilliant one pager with a beautiful flat design that helps you calculate how much it will cost to ship your app idea. A great reference for a useful informational one pager that pitches a service right at the end.

How Much To Make An App One Page Website Design

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Leeann Pica

Pretty simple single page design for web and graphic designer, Leeann Pica. The sites focus is definitely on her past work, with a simple contact section. We would love to see this design made responsive:)

Leeann Pica One Page Website Design

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Next Riot

Its brave to use a custom cursor nowadays but I think it works in this unique looking one page portfolio for Kyle Gillen. I really appreciate his build notes below, would be great if all submitters would give as much insight as this.

Next Riot One Page Website Design

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Another awesome one page folio. This one by Adrien Laurent, an art director in Paris. His site is clean, responsive, and has a cool work section that shows full-screen portfolio items.

Alt-Graphic One Page Website Design

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Very nice, bold one pager with parallax and responsive layout for a Brazilian Design Agency called Kaus.

Kaus One Page Website Design

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Youssef Habchi1

Responsive parallax scrolling one page portfolio for designer Youssef Habchi. Like the monotone color scheme and subtle parallax, also like the fixed nav and how the logo minimizes as you scroll down the page.

Youssef Habchi1 One Page Website Design

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Juli Sudi

Responsive one page portfolio for Austrian desinger, Juli Sudi, using a nice blend of typography and refreshing color palette.

Juli Sudi One Page Website Design

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Nobuaki Honma

Some slick design elements here – who doesn’t love diamonds and paper jets in a responsive flat design:) I feel that there is not enough emphasis on the portfolio section, too small and non linkable. Other than that a unique looking smart one pager for designer Nobuaki Honma from Japan.

Nobuaki Honma One Page Website Design

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Ryan Mulford Design

Simple and effective one pager built on Adobe Muse for designer Ryan Mulford with some lovely big screenshots of his work.

Ryan Mulford Design One Page Website Design

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Mesut Özil

Our latest “Most Loved” listing is a magnificent one pager and official website for football superstar, Mesut Özil. I honestly don’t know where to begin in the review, just take this one for a spin. I’m particularly impressed with the beautiful stats section and would love to know how automated it is. Another contender for one pager of the year.

Mesut Özil One Page Website Design

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Multifarious Engineering

Multifarious look to take a dated engineering business development industry by storm with a fully responsive, mobile-first single page site that makes subtle use of animations and CSS3 to…

Multifarious Engineering One Page Website Design

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Fubiz for iPad & Android tablet

Discover the new Fubiz tablet application and access the site’s content directly from your living room.

Fubiz for iPad & Android tablet One Page Website Design

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Agence XY2

Awesome one page website by Agency XY that uses the first (that I have seen) ever moving navigation bar! That was a bold move, and definitely one that makes this site stand our from many others. There are so many other elements that made this site so great that is finds it’s way into the “Featured” section.

Agence XY2 One Page Website Design

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Brave People

Simple one pager website by Brave People, a creative agency in Florida. They keep the site simple using a responsive design and full-screen image header and open design.

Brave People One Page Website Design

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BarCamp 2013

This one page website was designed to promote Omaha’s annual Barcamp “unconference.” It sports a responsive mobile design, SVGs, CSS3 animation, and some sweet monster illustrations.

BarCamp 2013 One Page Website Design

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Single page design for a Brazilian graphic design studio in the city of Curitiba. Their site features a great reference of a fresh/unique way to integrate a contact form and map section on a one pager.

Fleep One Page Website Design

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Wonderland Industry

Wonderland Industry are the creators of the previously featured Mr Mob one pager. Their new portfolio site features a minimal intro section with wave background, love the whitespace and bold Avenir font.

Wonderland Industry One Page Website Design

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Parallax scrolling responsive landing page for Mr.Mob’s new range of trunks.

Mr.Mob One Page Website Design

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Start Small

‘Think Big’ is a Europe-wide initiative aimed at finding young people with great ideas. Their promo one pager is filled with illustrations and adapts well to mobile.

Start Small One Page Website Design

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A day in Big Data

Nice informational one page website with info-graphics with a cool informational/sample video. A day in Big Data shows the difference Big Data can make in our daily lives.

A day in Big Data One Page Website Design

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Nerve Collective

One page website portfolio for Nerve Collective. We like the comment circles that explains the goal of each project, it just gives it a personal touch for perspective clients.

Nerve Collective One Page Website Design

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Buy Fireworks

Another reference of an informational one pager with interesting facts followed by a product pitch. Pity about all the text being images but a decent enough one pager with moving elements.

Buy Fireworks One Page Website Design

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Man, this one pager has such a beautiful flat design just bursting with color. Kocha Worapon is a graphic designer originally from Bangkok who now resides in Sydney. The responsive adaption of his portfolio is super slick and I love how the hand changes angle on mobile. Welcome to the ‘Most Loved’ category Kocha!

Kocha One Page Website Design

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Centinix is a very nice responsive single page template for modern portfolios. This theme would be great for an illustrator or design, but I’m sure you could modify to work with a small company that needs a gallery section. At only $13, this is a great deal on a responsive portfolio.

Centinix One Page Website Design

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Mikael Arvidsson

Simple green one-pager by Mikael Arvidsson, a designer in Stockholm.

Mikael Arvidsson One Page Website Design

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Mindworks created a new microsite showcasing the agency’s showreel and latest projects. Its one page scroll site, using parallax and background video.

Mindworks One Page Website Design

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Janix Pacle

Simple one page website for a Director in Qatar, Philippines. This one pager only contains his important information and links, with large photos of himself in the background.

Janix Pacle One Page Website Design

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Arman Hostikyan

Full screen one pager with big imagery and unique moving elements for Iron Artist, Arman Hostikyan. Quite a slick effect when hovering over the about link in the fixed footer. Tons of effort has gone into this one pager, good job.

Arman Hostikyan One Page Website Design

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The new KitKat website is so awesome – featuring beautiful modern one page web design techniques – that we’re going to overlook that (unnecessary) contact page link in the footer. Take this slick site for a spin to experience Nestle having a dig at Apple with this feature rich promo page for their popular KitKat chocolate. Brilliant.

KITKAT One Page Website Design

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Digitized 2013

This parallax scrolling one pager, bursting with awesome illustrations, finds itself as our newest ‘Most Loved’ addition. The Digitized Digital Design Conference 2013 is an upcoming event held in Athens, Greece. Beautiful work guys.

Digitized 2013 One Page Website Design

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Common Ninja

We create delightful web apps for websites With HTML5 and a good attitude, we believe the web could be much more reachable. For everyone.

Common Ninja One Page Website Design

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Lobo Digital

Digital agency in Colombia. Elegance and simplicity are our best skills in Lobo Digital.

Lobo Digital One Page Website Design

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