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Some Useful Points about HTML5

A popular markup language for the worldwide web is HTML which is Hyper Text Markup Language. This is markup language that is used to create quality content on the World Wide Web or the internet. It is the behind the scenes coding language that helps write content for websites. This markup language was created in 1990 and since then has upgraded many times. The new versions improve the use of HTML by making changes to incorporate elements and improve their quality on web pages on the internet. The markup language has to be easy to understand for people and should be understood by the computing devices as well. Currently the fifth version which is the HTML5 is in use and has become a popular markup language for the internet. Many web pages today are created using HTML5 as it is used to create good web content and other information which can be displayed in a web browser. The HTML5 controls the structure of the web pages and internet documents.

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Pros of using HTML5

As compared to the HTML4 which was the previous version of HTML there have been some positive changes in HTML5. HTML5 is updated few times a year to make changes to improve the HTML5.  HTML5 is designed in such way that it can replace HTML4, XHTML 1.0 and DOM level 2 specifications. In HTML5 a major advantages to the people writing the code is that the DOCTYPE has been simplified as compared to HTML4.  Character Encoding is also simplified in HTML5. Web Form 2.0 specifications have been integrated into HTML5.

A major advantage in using HTML5 is that it introduces many new elements that were missing from the previous version. These help with page structure, embedded content and many other functions to help improve the content. New phrasing tags help bring additional meaning to the content on the page and many new attributes are added to existing elements so that their power and functionality also increases in the HTML5. HTML5 has added many new popular APIs (application performing interfaces). The most popular APIs that are added into HTML5 are the audio and video APIs. Other APIs include APIs like Offline Apps, Drag and Drop, Editable, Protocols and History. Now audio and video can be directly incorporated into the browser through HTML5 without needing a plug-in like Flash. This is a major achievement of HTML5.

HTML5 allows saving HTML5 data offline on local storage devices so that you can access this data even without internet connectivity. This helps web applications to run without a connection. A Geolocation API is introduced in the HTML5 that allows applications to become location aware and an ability to access sensors on the computing device.

Most top websites all over the world today use HTML. Most of the major corporate websites all over the world have HTML5. It is a popular markup language and has many features and attributes that add functionality to the final content and ultimately create better web pages on the internet.

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