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Create Your Own Explainer Video with DIY Tool Make Web Video

Time and again we have been made to realize that there is no better way to communicate our ideas, thoughts and solutions than a well made explainer video. Audio visuals capture a person’s attention immediately, they are east to understand and pass on what we have to say to the target in the most clear and concise manner. In a world where people do not have much time to waste, videos allow them to skip the useless content and grasp everything that is being offered. Thus, videos are something that is excellent for the marketing campaign of any b2b or b2c company. Now a number of companies think that videos are beyond their reach as they are a small business and do not have the budget of getting an expensive explainer video produced. Well, nowadays, it can be quite affordable to get an explainer video for your website. There are a number of online tools now which help you make a quick full fledged web video in no time, an online video software which is gaining grounds in the market because it let you make a professional looking web video in under 1 hour. Read on to know more about the software.


It’s Crazy Easy

This is what the site says when you click on it for the first time as a new user and standing true to that, Make Web Video comprises of a super simple dashboard which is easy to understand and have  a clean look. It has a step by step user interface which allows everyone, including a novice, to create great videos. All the user has to do is add text images, pictures, a logo and if the user has some video footage, it can be used instead of pictures. This is what helps Make Web Video stand apart from other video tools and also increases the usability factor to great lengths.

3 Steps Video Production

The 3 steps process that the user must go through to produce a video, does not take long to complete. Your video will be ready for download in less than 1 hour. The first step is to choose a template that suits your business. This template will provide the basic skeleton for your video. The next step is to add, in a proper sequence, all the text, graphics, images and video footage which will be a part of the video. And finally, on the third step, the video is generated. The system uses Adobe After Effects in the back-end to generate the video, so the quality is in par with professional video production studios.

Amazing Templates

For a quick video, you need a template which suits what you have to say in your video and say it well. Thus, templates are an important part of making an online video. Make Web Video has a wide range of templates which suit the needs of different kinds of businesses and are of different genres for different target audiences. The most popular templates are the explainer video and the corporate video templates.

Advanced Graphics and HD Video Quality

These 2 are very important features when it comes to videos as everyone wants something which   looks and has a high quality. This tool provides you with full HD videos and because Adobe After Effects is used to render the video, you can expect a professional quality output. The produced video can be download in MP4 and WEBM video formats, which is required when playing the video on your website using the HTML5 video standard.

Browser Tool With Hosting Solution

Usually, a setback with videos is that they are slow and require a lot of plugins and software to work. This isn’t the case with Make Web Video as it’s completely browser based and works with most major browsers. The tool also provides video hosting which saves your time and money because you don’t need to purchase a separate video hosting service. This is another great feature which puts Make Web Video ahead of its competitors.

Consumer Friendly pricing

The main target market of the tool is small businesses and individuals which are unable to get expensive videos generated due to the budget constraints, which is the reason why Make Web Video is a cost effective and user friendly tool. It allows you to create a professional business HD video  from just $29 USD and also promises 100% money return guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the results.

The usability, interface, templates and the quick video production puts Make Web Video as a better option to generate quick and interactive videos which will be able to promote your company and market it well.

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