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The Trend of Flat Design to Enhance UX

The Trend of Flat Design has become very popular especially since 2012. In 2012 this type of design got a major boost when the then new Windows 8 adopted this type of design. Flat Design is a graphical user interface design that is completely opposite to skeuomorphism which is a style of UI design that tries and brings the real world, visual and 3D effects to UI design. In Flat Design the basic concept is less is more. The approach in Flat Design is more minimalistic as compared to other types of UI designs. Flat design is a clear form of UI design that removes all the extra elements from the design of the web page like graphics, sounds, 3D elements, gradients, shadows, special effects and other elements that are present when the UI design follows skeuomorphism.

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Flat Design

The web page that follows Flat Design often has a clear and bold but minimalistic pattern. Everything is visible properly and many designers today are using Flat Design for their web pages and apps. This type of design is really appreciated by website and apps that want their content and message to reach the audiences in a clear and definitive way. In Flat Design the information is clear and bold and there are no distractions for the viewers of the website or app. Skeuomorphism sometimes leads to an unclear, highly unfocused and chaotic user interface design. By using Flat Design the designers create a web page that enhances the user experience UX for the audiences

Flat Design Enhances UX

Flat Design provides great user experience for the viewers of the website app or software with Flat Design UI. Clear and minimalistic design of Flat Design focuses attention of the user on the content of the web page or app. This Minimalistic design allows better UX as the viewer does not have to search for the information within a chaotic user interface design. Flat Design uses few colors in a prominent and bold manner and the aesthetic of the design is very appealing to the eye. Many new apps that are being developed are in existence since a year or two are using the Flat Design to enhance the UX of their apps. Apps that provide regular information are at the top of the list when it comes to this trend. Calendar Apps and weather websites and other apps are using Flat Design as information can be provided to the users and viewers of these apps and websites in a clear and efficient manner. The bold text and few colors help send the message across more prominently than apps and websites using Chaotic designs. Flat Design is also popular with gaming apps like Word Gaming Apps and email websites and any other apps and websites where you need to provide direct information to the users.

The trend of Flat Design has become very popular among web designers and it also gives better UX to the viewers. So Flat Design is here to stay at-least for the short term future.

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