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Importance of Responsive Design

In the last couple of years a major trend in web designing is responsive design. This is a very popular concept and many people have heard this term. Almost every major web page today is designed with responsive web design. It is an important aspect of web designing today and a web designer should have the correct knowledge of responsive web design. So what is responsive design and why is it so important in web designing today? This term came into existence in 2010 when Ethan Marcotte coined this term “Responsive Web Design”. As the need for Responsive web design grew since 2010 it became more and more popular and widely used by the web designers. A very popular tech website “Mashable” has called 2013 the “Year of Responsive Web Design”, and know it’s going in 2014.

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What is Responsive Web Design?

When a website has been made with responsive design it responds to the computing device that is used to access the website and reshapes itself or reorganizes the content of the website in such a way that an appropriate  output is provided for that computing device. Basically the responsive design websites have a fluid grid concept that respond to the size of the computing device and accordingly they adjust and reshape their web pages to match the size of the computing device. The content, images and other layout elements of the web pages change according to the dimensions of the computing device. The actual pixels of the images or points of the size of the content do not change, but change takes place in terms of percentage units where the entire web page aesthetically reshapes itself according to the computing device that is used to view the website.

Importance of Responsive Design in Websites

Responsive web design is one of the most important aspects of web designing today. Responsive design in websites is crucial for websites to be available for viewing to large target audiences. In the last few years the computing devices that are used to access the internet and the websites have seen a great change. Nowadays people use a host of different computing devices to access the internet. These include smartphones and mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop personal computers. The screen sizes vary greatly with these devices as a desktop has a large screen where as a mobile phone or smartphone has a relatively small screen. So a website should be easy to access on all computing devices and the navigation within the website should be easy. So for this the responsive web design is crucial as it gives fluid and proportion based grids for the website that take the shape of the computing device that is used by the viewers to access the websites.

As means and devices of communication keep evolving and the internet is accessed using a large number of different computing devices, responsive design for websites is absolutely essential and here to stay. Most websites today have responsive web design and can be accessed by a large range of computing devices.

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