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Unprecedented Tips for Website Design

The advent of browsing, shopping, reviewing, etc. has reached a landslide due to sharp increase of using the aforementioned facilities in Smartphone’s and Tablets. For a greater market share it is necessary to carve a niche either by affordable web design or advertisement or both. As people have other task instead of staying glued to the computers, it is better to have a mobile website to access anytime they wish too.

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Below mentioned tips are user-friendly and seamless trends for mobile website design:

Take in essential fields

Most of the time the users get anxious by the annoying and irritating questions on a PC, but these questions get fatal in mobile. It is better to reduce fields to condense the cohesive pages. For instance, instead of using fields like First Name, Middle Name and Last Name, it is better to use a single field of Name.


Users get annoyed while filling a large registration page for signing in. It is better to check them in as a guest because the probability of a user staying on a registration page is quite low. A retailer has observed a high leap in his profit after removing the “register” button and adding a “Checkout as a Guest” button.


It could be easier to select an option from a dropdown menu of checkbox group or radio button group but this task gets cumbersome if the same is opted for a Smartphone. The size and view of a Smartphone is just of a hand hence it becomes difficult when the number of options increases as well as time consuming. For a mobile UI it is better to have an increment selector to update and speedier selection.

Avoid other distractions:

Once the user has signed in or checked in, it becomes obvious regarding the willingness of user to buy. At this stage if there is any link or content that redirects the user then it would distract the user from the purchase decision. Users are more comfortable in Mobile engagements compared to the desktop; hence it is better to remove Social Medias that distract them. The only content should be FAQ or examples in the fields to let them know the further process.


According to research study, the anxiety level of a user increases by looking into status or progress bar because they are keen to know where they are going and what would be the next. This anxiety would let them stay on the same page till the end.


Heavy designs or mobile incompatible websites leads the user to wait longer on single page. It is a critical time, because a survey states that 74% user won’t stay more than 5 seconds on a single page if it takes much time to load. It is better to optimize the page as well as design a mobile compatible page.

 Thus, a focused, clear, lightweight and streamlined website would cater the better experience.

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