15 Creative Things That You Should See

15 Creative Things That You Should See
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When I first started out in design, I was living in a constant state of anxiety. I had no idea whether what I was doing was current, fresh, if anybody else had already done it, if it was any good. It’s important to get feedback for your work, but even more important is to know everything there is to know about your field of work. Keep in touch with what’s new, popular and innovative. I’ve tried to do that in a number of ways throughout the years, but I must admit that the best method is to connect or subscribe to communities that do exactly what you do. I just recently found a website that shows you the latest and best in art, design, architecture, and even funny innovative ideas, called Design Faves.

The website has daily posts on the latest, most exciting ideas in creative businesses. There are 23 categories of such businesses so far and updated every day. It’s a simple, useful tool with quality content that you won’t easily find anywhere else. To stay in touch connect to Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to the newsletter.

I was really amused by the glow-in-the-dark ice cream made from jellyfish and by the disposable vegetable utensils. Check it out!

1. Sarcastically small plates by Duncan Shotton

2. New fashion by Kenzo: pop art meets surrealism

3. Strangely beautiful portraits of betta fish by Visarute Angkatavanich

4. Funny mugs appear to sink into your table

5. Komorebiagasa: Tree shade umbrella

6. New Dylan video hilariously animates Drew Carey and others to sing along

7. Glow-in-the-dark ice cream made from jellyfish

8. Disposable vegetable utensils by Quyun Deng

9. ‘Unlikely’ altered objects by Giuseppe Colarusso

10. Hilarious cats with noodly legs by Meowtfit

11. Comic books superheroes remixed as ‘80s album covers

12. Star Wars forces ravage Thomas Kinkade paintings

13. Bansky in New York recap

14. Yoko Ono and the Beastie Boys team up for “Bad Dancer”

15. Amazing paper food art by Maria Benavente

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