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How To Spend a Lot Less on Stock Images This Winter

Creative professionals are accustomed to endlessly searching the web agencies for decent stock photos/illustrations/videos to integrate in their projects. The winter holiday period seems to add more bustle to that quest, insomuch as everyone’s looking for holiday-themed images that have the power to draw in new clients. Instead of going about this search in the old-fashioned way, there’s a much faster way – with a special service that shows you matching creative files from well-known microstock agencies, and pays you back each time you buy one.

This is Lootback, a wicked awesome service meant for designers, advertisers, publishers etc, which connects you to several of today’s most praiseworthy stock photo agencies, so that you can find whatever files you’re looking for by browsing through all the potential acquisitions gathered in one place. In exchange for bringing in business, the partner agencies deliver Lootback a special commission, which is shared with you – hence the Cash Back.

Designer's Earn Cash Back

The partner stock photo merchants are respectable, according to the present-day market standards. I’m sure you’re familiar with names like iStock, Deposit Photos, Shutterstock, Thinkstock, and Envato’s Graphicriver, Videohive, and Themeforest. By putting everything in one place, Lootback helps its users save a lot of time.

To get a clear idea of the whole process, let me use a specific example. Assuming that you’re looking for season-specific images, let’s say you launch a search for files that allude to Christmas. Lootback gathers every single relevant finding from everywhere. You can significantly refine the search by choosing to see only video files or photos, or just to look through the archives of certain agencies.

choosing to see only video files or photos

If your eyes have locked on an item while browsing, simply click on it and Lootback will take a few seconds of your time to bid you to create an account. It’s important not to omit this step, because all the Cash Back from your purchases can only reach you via the dashboard of this service. After signing up, you’re redirected to the agency whose image you liked. Now, all that is left for you to do is acquire prepaid credits and buy it as you’d normally do.

Cash Back from your purchases

Your transaction is instantly recorded by Lootback, and in no more than 12 hours, your winnings appear in the Cash back Earnings section of your dashboard. Each time you buy a creative file, you get its associated Cash Back. Your part is herewith done, and now it may take any time from 7 to 90 days for the agencies to process your commissions – but when they do, just cash everything out with your PayPal. Try Lootback, and find out what it’s like to be paid for finding stock photos.

Cash back Earnings section of your dashboard
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