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The ultimate website creator gives a new meaning to versatility

The web industry is evolving at a faster pace than ever, especially when it has to keep up with the variety of platforms that become old after merely months. And since we’re in the smart phone decade, the need of a website builder that has phone/tablet integration is a must. With everybody communicating almost exclusively with their smart phones, remaining on the PC seems like a great isolation. We’re already used with code free web builders, which are so numerous it’s hard to choose from, and finding a thorough, easy to use service with phone support was not that easy.

Until we laid eyes on Website Builder. As a latest generation site creator, it’s dynamic, versatile, easy to use, elegant, it includes Android support, and most importantly – it’s completely free to use.

You can start right away, without making an account at this point. Here are the steps for creating a website in no time: first off you must decide if you want to start from nothing and build up everything yourself, including background and design. It’s not hard, but if you want to take the easier way out, choose a template.

free website builder

The templates cover many fields of business: entertainment, real estate, weddings, freelancing, and so on. Another category is “Mobile Sites”, which you choose if you wish to create a site for phones and tablets.

Mobile Sites

After the template is chosen, the next step is to customize it. In the next screen there is a top menu, split in three sections: pages, elements and settings. The first section controls the number of pages, the last one deals with the technical aspect (SEO integration, domain), while the elements section is where the magic happens. Here you can find all the elements needed to create the face of your site: images, video embeds, galleries, slideshows, widgets. Everything can be added and modified with just a few clicks.

Customize website page elements

When you think you’re done, you can name your site by clicking “publish”. After that, there is one last step before launching your site: creating an account.

Publish website

The service includes a PDF format manual for beginners, as well as e-mail customer support, and includes free hosting, SEO integration, and Web Analytics.

It’s a great solution for all categories of users: web designers, hurried businessmen, bloggers, and beginners. As they state it themselves, they can teach your grandma how to build award winning web sites.

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