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182 Free Die Cut Folder Templates to Download from CompanyFolders


CompanyFolders.com is offering 197 free die cut folder templates. You can easily apply your folder artwork to each of these templates, or edit them into fully customized die-cut folder templates of your own.

Each template download is a ZIP file containing:

  • Folder Die Cut Template, an EPS file which can be easily modified in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.
  • Die Cut Template Guidelines, a PDF that explains exactly how to properly use the EPS file.
  • Folder Design Cheat Sheet, which is packed with tips on how to create a unique folder design that’s ready-to-print.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are easy to use and lend themselves to a number of different design ideas. This type of folder is typically used by businesses or organizations presenting important documents to clients, prospects, or partners. The Original 2 Pocket Presentation Folder is just one of 131 presentation folder templates available for download.

Card Holders

These are compact die cut folder templates designed for gift cards, hotel key cards, or other smaller materials.  There are 12 different card folder templates available.

Certificate Folders

Certificate folders are ideal for presenting awards or other important documents in a manner that denotes prestige and professionalism.  There are 4 different certificate folder templates available.

Document Folders

Document folders are typically used to store and distribute small company documents such as receipts, checks or invoices. This wallet-size folder is one of 25 document folder templates available.

File Folders

A file folder is essentially a standard presentation folder with an added tab that makes it easy to locate, even in a stack of other folders and documents. This 2 Pocket Letter Size Tabbed File Folder is one of 23 file folder templates available.

Photo Folders

Present a photograph in style by framing it in a photo folder, available in various image sizes and suitable for many special events or ceremonies. 12 unique photo folder templates can be downloaded.

Tri-Panel Folders

Tri-panel folders provide a uniquely shaped canvas for your most creative print design ideas. This curved pocket folder is one of 25 tri-panel folder templates available.

Expandable Folders (Conformer Expanding 2 Pocket Letter Size Folder)

Expanding pocket folders are big enough to hold an extra load of materials—useful when you need to hold a larger quantity of documents or larger objects.  There are 15 high capacity folder templates available.

Reinforced Folders (Top/Side Reinforced Presentation Folder)

Reinforced edges give folders enhanced durability by guarding against tears and dog-earing. 27 unique reinforced folder templates are available.

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