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Some Graphic Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Graphic designing is both an art and science. Graphic designing is a field where the designer combines texts and graphics to create a visual communication with the target audiences. This skill has evolved and people qualified as graphic designers today must be well versed in the technical as well as the creative sides of this field. Graphic Designing is a profession which is completely based on the skill of the designer. If you showcase talent and provide fabulous projects, you get more projects and you can then build a name for yourself in this industry. This can be a very lucrative business if you are talented and provide great work on time.

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However there are a few mistakes that a graphic designer can make that can derail or spell doom for the designer’s career. These mistakes are often made by graphic designers and are also very bad for a graphic designer’s career. The following are some of these mistakes and how to avoid these from happening if you are a graphic designer.

Basic Graphic Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them in 2014:

communicating with client

Communicating with the client is very important. When the client gives the graphic designers a brief, they need to understand it well and note down the brief for the project properly. Over exceeding the brief or falling short of what was expected from the project are both no-noes in this business.

Graphic designer build positive reputation

For a graphic designer to build a positive reputation, the designer must not procrastinate and extend deadlines. The designer should not give hap hazard and lazy work that has not had any effort put into it to the clients. Mediocre designing is not going to get the graphic designer any success in a field that is so competitive.

Design Trends 2014

The technical know how of the software’s that are used in graphic designing are absolutely crucial for the success of a graphic designer. If this is not the case, graphic designers must take tutorials of the latest happenings in the field. New trends and ideas need to be followed and the graphic designers should not provide outdated work.

Plagiarism original design

Another major concern in the industry is plagiarism. Many times graphic designers as “inspiration” use designs that are popular and are already done by other designers. The graphic designer as well as the client for whom the designs are made can get into some serious legal troubles if the original designers sue them for plagiarism.

Graphic Designer Quality Check List

Many times graphic designers are freelancers who take on projects on their own. It is important for a graphic designer to be organized. Having a checklist and having organized notes of the brief of the project given by the clients always helps so that the designers do not miss out on any details.

Graphic Designing spelling mistakes in content

Many graphic designers due to lack of time or over confidence do not check their work or proofread it before sending it to the clients. Small errors like spelling mistakes or mistakes in content can look really big later so proofreading is very important for a graphic designer.

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