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Juggle tasks, projects and processes with Comindware

Comindware Project, yet another interesting project management software, focuses on your specific business needs, whether you are in charge of a new product development or have to manage marketing projects. You can get unparalleled team productivity and project predictability. It includes graphical WBS, automated priority-based planning and predictive real time Gantt chart to improve your project management experience. Users are also provided with professional planning capabilities, and the project execution is unmatched. All this keeps teams highly motivated with a great spirit of dedicated work.

Comindware Project will make sure that project planning and execution is no longer a burden for teams or managers. Let’s see how it is achieved.

Graphical WBS [Work Breakdown Structure]

Comindware WBS helps you make an initial visual project plan with a clear project structure. You can then add more details as you work on the project. In this way your project planning becomes very simple.

Predictive Real-Time Gantt Chart

The predictive real time Gantt chart helps managers make timely project management decisions. Comindware Project will make your work easy by showing you the progress of the project in real time, rather than an initially created plan. The work that hasn’t been completed on time will be shifted to the future.

Automated Priority-Based Planning

Additional bonus of using Comindware Project relates to its project planning tool for auto-scheduling. There is no need to manually create and coordinate task dependencies for the project. Basically, you need to create tasks and set priorities. The rest is left on Comindware Project that automatically outlines the project plan with all dependancies, considering priorities, deadlines and people workload.

Social Team Collaboration

Comindware Project also incorporates excellent teamwork capabilities as it is built on top of the innovative social platform Comindware Team Network. It can help you collaborate with your project team as well as with colleagues from other departments without getting you distracted on the activities, not related to work.

Comindware Tracker

Along with project management, Comindware also offers adaptive business process management software. It is Comindware Tracker designed to enable company wide and departmental routine business processes.

Comindware Tracker stands out as it can be implemented fast and easily. It offers drag and drop simplicity and there is no coding that needs to be done. You can adapt the software to your countless unpredictable business processes and easily modify the existing ones. Teamwork becomes so much easier as you can use the software to collaborate with your colleagues, share files and documents and anything else that you need.

Availability in MS Outlook

With Comindware Tracker, you can also run processes and business applications directly on MS Outlook. This helps your team to stay focused and productive without leaving a common environment.

If you are still not sure about Comindware products, you can take a chance of trying them on your own. Comindware offers a 30-day free trial for both Comindware Tracker and Comindware Project at https://www.comindware.com/tracker/try/and https://www.comindware.com/project/try/

Comindware is a software company delivering new generation solutions for business process management, workflow automation and project management. They create unique vision software architecture and product design through innovative products.

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