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Stacks a New Way to Choose Multiple Themes in One Design

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The easiest way to understand a stack is to imagine a theme within a theme. Usually, when you purchase one theme, you end up with one particular style that you chose. If you need to change this theme, you would have to do a lot of browsing. Of course, there is nothing wrong with changing your theme this way but if you can save time and not have to browse so much to change themes, then why not? Stacks allow you to choose one theme and then have access to multiple other options at the same time.

Stacks allow one to have multiple themes in one design. The X-theme has three stacks to choose from. These are Integrity, Renew and Icon. The X-theme allows a customer access to all three stacks.

With one click of your mouse you can have access to beautiful designs that change the look of your site. You will still be able to decide the placement and content layout, but by choosing the X-theme, the style of your site will change.

These are the features of the three stacks built into X:

  1. Integrity: It is an all-purpose design. This is great for business and corporate oriented sites. It has general appeal and is the most used stack.
  2. Renew: It is flat with no gradient and shadows.
  3. Icon: It is modern with exciting features like a second sidebar. This stack has been built for those who like a minimal approach to web design.

When you buy the X-theme, you do not have to select which stack you want because all three stacks come with it.

The X-theme has been built by professionals who shared their views about what the customer needs would be. For example, the video experts shared views on how to make the perfect video landing page. This will be included in your purchase when you opt for the X-theme.

There is a live customizer on the site so the customer can manage various aspects of their site easily. This enables the customer to see how each page layout and logo will look before they click on save and publish. You can change the color, the text, the images or anything else. You can then view the new design and either change to it if you like it better or return to the old design you had chosen earlier. The Word Press Customizer is a part of the X-theme. So, an additional admin panel does not need to be added. Each customer will get the best features that Word Press has to offer.

When you purchase the X-theme, you get loaded with the following mind-blowing features:

  1. Whether your viewers are using a desktop, tablet or phone, the pixels will respond the same way and the picture will look excellent.
  2. About six hundred Google fonts with all possible styles.
  3. Shortcodes that include a table of contents, marketing buttons, etc.
  4. HD training videos about affiliate marketing, buying and selling websites, etc.
  5. Site layout with pixel and percentage width options.
  6. Backgrounds of solid, color images, patterns, etc.
  7. Multiple unique portfolio pages
  8. You can transform the Word Press website into a storefront.
  9. Icon fonts that look perfect on every device
  10. Photoshop with all available PSD files
  11. The latest features of Word Press
  12. The latest HTML5 markup that allows search engines to distinguish the start and end of your main content.

Check out more features at: https://theme.co/x/go/features.php
Demos can be seen here: https://theme.co/x/go/demos.php

If you are satisfied with what you have read,
you can join here:   https://theme.co/x/go/join.php

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