50 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration #27

50 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration #27
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Beautiful collection of new logo design in 2014. I hope you will enjoy this huge list of logos, all logo design are only available for inspiration because they are already part of corporate branding. We believe that effectiveness should be based on how quickly the idea spreads and how much people want to spend time with the brand. In essence – a good idea should be able to spread like fire.

Earlier we are showcased thousands of creative logo designs, that gives you amazing ideas for your corporate identity projects. Today’s we are gathered fifty new logo designs created by professional designers from all over the web.

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Fresh Logo Design 2014

It’s been month ago since my last article on logo design with titled: Creative Business Logo Design Inspiration #26, was very popular and this is the yet another beautiful collection of creative logos. Check out the full list of logo design series.

Here is the list of 34 Creative Business Logo Design Inspiration #26. Enjoy!

Metro rail

Vesper Dream Cars

iCreative Logo Designs

Logo design for OrangePlus

Logo design for Creativia

Housh Mariam



Small Business Charter

Pixine Corporate Identity

Revo Business Logo

Logo identity branding carlos ismael

H.M. Construction Identity

WIISHBONE art and design house brand launch

Carla Pagano Couture – Brand Identity

Ko?cierskie Centrum Ciep?a Corporate Identity

KM Byggtegninger

Designbuddy logo

Tsubame Car Wraps

Conception Des Cartes

Barton Brand Identity

Mobildonor Logo Design

butterscotch media branding

VICTORIA Residencial

Branding Beststar

Frontline Financial Solutions Branding


Club Mantra

Perfect Music – Branding

Surround Magazine Branding Identity

Visual Communication

ABS – Industria Aeronáutica

Little Pixie


The Athletic Club Branding

Smith and British

Branding of Bkoooo

Eleventwenty Cafe Bistro / Branding

CRX Sports Branding

Adal Events Design.

VOX Broadcasting Branding

Redgum Book Club Branding

Naqsha Clothing

Provincial network of local youth offices in Vojvodina

Zerovic Internet Marketing Solutions

Magyar Részvénykereskedelmi Nyrt.


Technical Career Institute

Wavemaker Logo & Visual Identity

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Comments to 50 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration #27

Logo Design Apr 22, 2014

These creative designs are really awesome, keep it continue.

Jay Kaneshige Nov 5, 2014

I thought logos needed to have meaning. Concept. (unless it is a ‘universal’ concept as many of these appear to be…)

This is concerning. Most of the marks are missing strong ‘ideas’, and many have questionable ‘form’.

How are they teaching design these days?

Senph42 Jun 1, 2015

Hi Muhammad, thank you for the feature, I’m glad people appreciate my work!

David Paul Jan 20, 2016

Great logos, I really like “vesper dream cars” logo because its look like very attractive and eye-catching. This types of logos could be great inspiration for designers.

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