World Cup Vintage Posters 1930 To 2014

World Cup Vintage Posters 1930 To 2014
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The FIFA World Cup comes around but once every four years, and with it comes the official poster (most of these posters are in Vintage style, may be it come kind of tradition. Any how some of these are as iconic as a Gordon Banks save or Cruyff turn, others as forgettable as a goalless draw between Bolivia and South Korea. While recent editions have become increasingly corporate, taken as a whole they are a delightful slither of global graphic design history over the last 84 years.

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FIFA World Cup Posters

In this inspiring collection of World Cup Posters, you will enjoy the twentieth edition of the competition just around the corner, these posters are design by James Taylor and re-imagining each tournament’s official poster. Every World Cup has its own particular feel, which I’ve tried to suggest with each design, while obviously evoking the period graphically and hopefully improving on some of the originals!

World Cup 1930 : Uruguay

World Cup 1934 : Italy

World Cup 1938 : France

World Cup 1950 : Brasil

World Cup 1954 : Suisse

World Cup 1958 : Sverige

World Cup 1962 : Chile

World Cup 1966 : England

World Cup 1970 : Mexico

World Cup 1974 : Deutschland

World Cup 1978 : Argentina

World Cup 1982 : Espana

World Cup 1986 : Mexico

World Cup 1990 : Italy

World Cup 1994 : USA

World Cup 1998 : France

World Cup 2002 : Korea & Japan

World Cup 2006 : Deutschland

World Cup 2010 : South Africa

World Cup 2014 : Brasil

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