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Best 15 Website Designing Platforms for Professional Designers

Web and graphic designers are more than ever before capable to create websites by independently, without sparing any thoughts to coding. But do you know which platform to choose? We’ve made a list of the top 15 solutions that can help designers ace their next site creating project this year.

IM Creator


Most site building tools can’t hold a candle to IM Creator. You’ll know it from the first seconds of visiting their website. The template collection alone is going to leave you spellbound, because few other platforms keep such high quality standards.

The free version allows you to host up to 50 MB, go through all templates, and publish a site as IM Creator’s sub-domain (i-m.co/username/sitename). And yet, it would be a great idea to enlist the popular Premium plan – it’s popular for a reason. This plan enables you to publish the finalized site on your own (new or existing) domain, take up a customized email account, and get unlimited hosting. Here’s the best part: a 40% discount is possible if you sign up for 3 years right from the start, in which case you’d only be paying $5.95-a-month.

“Innovation” is IM Creator’s middle name. Did you know, for instance, that this was the first platform to use HTML 5? Or, that it has just launched IM Self, an avant-garde project that brings together the best of website building and social networking? As users from Japan and Australia already know, IM Creator now allows you to create one or more social profiles, and curate anything you could wish for in order to express who you really are.



Webydo is one of the most accomplished online website design platforms in the industry, and rightfully belongs at the top of our list. Professional independent designers immediately feel welcome here, whereas amateurs won’t be able to find their place among so many advanced designer features. Designers have the option to start their designs from a blank canvas, a basic layout or to take inspiration from the spotlight page and work with one of the readymade designs.

If you fancy modifying your site’s CSS document, <header> or <body> sections, add/edit code at will. You can also make certain areas of your site “hover” whenever scrolling down. Besides, you don’t have to update the website content all the time, but assign areas where its owner can do that by logging in with their CMS user account, but not worry about tampering with the design. Finally, you add your logo to the CMS dashboard and bill clients using the professional features Webydo offers.

Theme X


WordPress is loved for its ease of use and versatility. Allow us to introduce you to a theme that will help you take your WordPress site to a whole new level. The X WordPress theme was initially released in late 2013 and has been a perennial favorite on ThemeForest. It has many unique features, but people are particularly fond of the multiple design options and live previewer.

With no standard admin panel to speak of, X users can edit all aspects of their site using a souped-up version of the WordPress Customizer, for a much more intuitive experience. Add incredible member resources and support on top of all that, and it’s no wonder X is being billed as the “last WordPress theme you’ll have to buy.” To see a full list of their features and options, you can head over to the official X site.

Startup Design Framework

Startup Design Framework

Startup Design Framework is such a treat for designers everywhere, especially if they have to create startup websites for themselves or for their client’s business. This platform is grounded in Bootstrap 3, and provides an expedite way to do a great job, by choosing individual site components from a lengthy list, and then patch them together.

There are 25 samples that you can peruse, and mark any of their components as you see fit. In the demo version, two documented samples, eleven components, and two images for Macbook/iPad/iPhone are disclosed to anyone who feels curious about what this platform can do. Additionally, the generator helps you set up landing pages: just drag-and-drop blocks, then sit back and watch as your design is exported into code.

DIY themes

DIY Themes

The team behind DIY themes proudly presents Thesis version 2.1, which is an excellent theme for WordPress websites. It is known that this proficient design and template manager presents three features that aren’t easily found in other alternatives. With Thesis, you are facing a certain way to make your website’s Page Rank go sky-high on popular search engines (Googe, Bing). As for the process of creating a site design, you can move boxes around until you make it, or use a skin.

Either one of the three established skins is outstanding, and easy to work on. Besides, you can use the editor to drag-and-drop each and every element into its right place, and don’t forget to include buttons for social networks, or even customized MailChimp/AWeber forms.



Almost anyone who surfs the web today is using a tablet or a mobile phone, and is constantly on the move. This means that, whenever people go on a website, they don’t have much time to spare, and need to make out what it’s all about as fast as possible. Since pages take time to load, scrolling down a single page is a much better case scenario. Therefore, Onepager can be you best option, especially for small business sites.



Websites made with Webzai are famous because they get along perfectly with almost any sort of browser or device. Besides, the cloud hosting provided by this platform is also known for being rock-solid. Whenever you feel inspired enough, go ahead and create a website from scratch. The alternative is to check out the many and gorgeous templates from the vaults, and use either one of them to make your vision come true by adding various elements.

Light CMS


Any reseller would surely feel tempted to join the Light CMS community. A fat discount of 80% is currently granted to designers who sell their websites to a third party. Therefore, a tiny price of $19 per website every month will give you access to all Light CMS features, unlimited pages, and unlimited storage. What’s more, if you happen to be working on launching an online store, you will be able to insert any amount of products.

Elegant Themes


A total of 88 layouts have been created by Elegant Themes to be used on WordPress websites. Divi is the latest installment, and known as the most precious theme of all, because it innovates and simplifies the way designers make sites. In other words, Divi’s Page Builder lets you establish horizontal sections first, insert horizontal rows second, and then add modules to complete your design. There is also the alternative pat of using templates, which is faster.



Moonfruit gives us a staggering collection of numerous images, backgrounds, and whole website templates. Presently, a 10% discount is active with all pricing plans. You can take advantage of this discount until May the 31st, so you have all spring to think about it. Your plan of choice would have to match the individual needs of your business. The usual price of a package (without the discount) can be $10.80, and goes no higher than $31.50.

Two Way Resume

two way resume

As its name suggests, Two Way Resume is a platform that generates portfolio and resume websites. It is the best possible choice for you whenever you’re contracted to create someone’s online professional identity, because the site will end up looking like a work of art, and potential employers are bound to be attracted to it, like bees to honey. Choose either one of the five templates, and get to work. You can also embed Youtube or Vimeo videos.



SnapPages occupies a good position in our Top 15 list of useful site crafting platforms for designers during this year. It comes with cloud hosting that you can count on. Every user can employ a cutting-edge HTML 5 page editor to drag-and-drop whatever they wish and so create their clients’ site design. If you’re launching a blog, SnapPages will also give you a spam filter, so that the blog owner won’t have to spend a lot of time moderating comments.



Wix is a dependable sidekick for your work, regardless of the type of site you need to get up and running. Be it an online store, a business website, an online portfolio, or a personal blog, you will have no problem designing it from zero. Alternatively, you can opt for a template. Feel free to use any image, icon, and clipart from the Wix collection. You should also know that you can make certain pages private, so that only you and a small number of members can open them.

Site Sumo


Site Sumo is another worthy installment of our 15-long selection. It offers potential customers a free trial of its services for 14 days, without asking for any credit card information. As with most of the accomplished site building platforms for designers, this tool also provides a wonderful drag-and-drop content editor, and you can choose to edit a template and work towards your idea of a magnificent website. Site Sumo also enables you to set exclusive pages that people have to pay before accessing.



Pixpa brings our Top 15 to an end. Obviously, this platform is designed to be a studio where photographers can launch their professional portfolios. So, if you’re ever asked to create such a website, take this tool into consideration. You will be able to put your client’s works on display, and for sale (via Fotomoto), not to mention lock up collections in private galleries so that your client’s own customers can give feedback. Find out more with the 15-day free trial from Pixpa.

This year’s most desirable platforms helped many grand websites go live. Check out a few examples below.

ModernVintageMontana (created using IMCreator platform)

ModernVintageMontana (created using IMCreator platform)

PerinettiGuitars (created using IMCreator platform)

PerinettiGuitars (created using IMCreator platform)

Webydo spotlight examples

Webydo spotlight examples
Webydo spotlight examples

Theme x demos

Theme x demos

DigitaleFactuur (created using Startup Design Framework)

DigitaleFactuur (created using Startup Design Framework)

ArtOfManliness (created using DIY themes)

ArtOfManliness (created using DIY themes)

Love cafe (created using Onepagerapp)

Love cafe (created using Onepagerapp)

Webzai template

Webzai template
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