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Modern World Wearable Technology with Android Wear

Wearable, as you can call smart watches especially, are said to be the next big thing to watch out for since many years. Google announced Android Wear, which is an operating system that is designed specifically for wearables and will be targeted towards smart watches in the initial phase. Android Wear is supposedly an Android powered system that lets developers use current apps into it and use Google services like Now and voice search.

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Google Already Has Experience with Wearables

Google Glass Google Wearables Technology

Android Wear is the first attempt by Google to step into the wearable tech race and Google isn’t doing it for the first time or without any knowledge. Google has already spent the last couple of years in development and refinement of Google Glass, which made them a foreseeing company in technology. Glass is still far away from getting the perfection it requires and it still needs a lot of refinement. With this experience Google knows the odds of getting in wearable tech and thus Android Wear will benefit from it.

It also has Google Now

Chromecast Google Technology

Google Now is Google’s intelligent personal assistant and is very similar in operation to Apple’s Siri and is available for mobile, desktop and now for wearable devices. Android Wear will work similar to other devices and can provide control to the user by simply saying “OK Google” to give a command or ask a query. You will also be able to access and control other devices like your smartphone or Chromecast right from your wrist.

Plenty of devices will be launched

LG’s G watch and Moto 360 are not the only ones that will be out with the latest Android Wear. In fact, Google is partnering with companies like Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung on the platform which means the Wear will not flop. It means it is here to stay with companies like Fossil being working on a watch that will work on the operating system.

Simple to Understand notification UI patterns

Google notification UI patterns

Most Android design guidelines are applied to Android Wear notifications too by appearing in the form of cards and keeping the user experience streamlined. The main idea behind developing an app which becomes a huge hit in the Android Wear arena can be summed up as being: “be mindful of user’s attention and be aware of how unwanted interruptions will reflect on the apps reputation.” This is why Google suggests that needless text from notifications should be omitted, designing for being a visual retreat rather than plain reading and show more than just tell.

The use of icons and glyphs is enough in today’s age to convey the message better than any sentence, and if you still do need text make sure it is short and sweet with a simple language for user understanding.

Google Offers One of The Best Voice Recognition Platforms

Google Voice Recognition Platforms

Google Now-type function is set to be the foundation for Android Wear watches as it is help in getting a lot of info like getting directions, news and search for desired service in the area. The interface ability from the smartwatch to human by talking to it presents faster growth rate and even means that most smartphone apps can be successfully be made available on your wrist.

Stay Healthy and Fit

Android Wear regarding health and fitness

One very important and helpful feature of Android Wear is regarding health and fitness-related metrics. Though many watches, for example the ones from Gear family, already have a health related app, Android Wear can provide monitoring real-time speed, distance and time information on the wrist for a jog or a run. It also can be used to integrate some of their fitness goals to learn the fitness summaries and any reminder if needed.

It’s out now and is available for developers

Android Wear available for developers

A developer’s preview to Android Wear is available now and people interested in creating apps can start creating a new app that is targeted at wearables using Android Wear. Also because its framework consists of Android many current apps can definitely work well on it.


Google is apparently going way too much into wearable technology and smart watches hence are just the beginning. Google has collaborations with so many artist individuals, tech companies, fashion designers, etc. that it is expected of Google will definitely be the frontrunner in the Android Wear collectibles. Motorola and LG have already launched their first smart watches that run on Android Wear. Though enough information isn’t available on Moto 360 and LG G Watch but soon things can be learnt about it with the launch closing in. The Moto 360 will hit the market in summer 2014 and LG G Watch is said to be sold by Q3 2014.

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